Learn How to Play Online Poker Through These Quick Options

Most of the online poker sites are willing to offer quick start options to make it easy for new players to start the game. You just need to enter the game, stakes, number of opponents, and you will be entered into the online game table. Understanding the steps would eventually help you out in approaching with game with excellence.

The steps below are ideal for beginners! It is because the professionals do not need a blog to teach them the Poker sequence. Here are the things that you need to get assistance for starting with the poker game:

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1.Different Poker Styles

Poker is played in three styles that include no-limit, limit, and pot-limit!

  • No-Limit Poker -The no-limit game is the one where the players will wager any amount above the minimum specified bet up to the total cash they have on the table. Hence, this is the popular poker style!
  • Limit Poker -In the limit poker games, the players need to abide by the limited bets and raises that are restricted to a specific size. This type of gameplay is not so popular in tournament games anymore but is still preferred by some players.
  • Pot Limit Poker -The pot-limit game style is where the players get the choice to decide how much they can bet. But they will be limited! It means that the players can increase the bets only up to the current pot size. The pot size is the total bet amount made by all of the players. It is yet another uncommon style but is played on some online poker sites.

2. Playing the First Hand

When in Poker, your job is to make the sets of cards based on either their value, their suit, or their rank. The hands are good if the player has pairs such as two aces or cards of the same suit in a sequence series. Have a brief understanding

Sequence series are the cards that follow one another, such as 9,8, and 7 or A, K, and Q. Below is the list of hands from strongest to weakest order! It will help you decide upon which hand can get you the best returns on your bet. They include:

  1. Straight Flush- It should be the five cards of consecutive ranks and that of the same suit. For instance, the cards such as A, K, Q, J & 10 are the perfect straight flush, which is also called Royal Flush.
  2. Three-of-a-Kind- If you have three cards of the same rank, then it is termed as a strong hand for you to win the game—for instance, A-A-A of different suits.
  3. Four-of-a-Kind- If you have four cards of the same rank, then it is yet another strong hand of the game for you to have a higher chance of winning the poker bonus. For instance, J-J-J-J of different suits.
  4. Two-Pair- If you have two cards of one rank and two of another rank, then it is somehow the playable cards. For instance, 2-2 of a different suit and J-J of different suits.
  5. Full House- Three cards of the same rank of different suits and a pair of two cards with the same rank but different suits. For instance, 2,2, Q, Q, Q of different suits.
  6. One Pair-It is the hand where you have just two cards of the same rank. It is a nominally playable set of cards.
  7. Flush-It is like having 5 cards of the same suit, not necessarily in any sequence.
  8. High Card-If the hand has no combinations, then the high card of the set will beat the lower high hand of the opponent.
  9. Straight-It is the hand that has 5 cards of consecutive ranks but not necessarily of the same suit.


These are the couple of important considerations that you will need when you sit on an online poker table. When to bet and when to fold depends upon the type of card you have. The stronger the card combination, the better will be your winning chances. You can bet high and win big with stronger combinations. When you have low cards, it is better to play wisely to avoid losing more money.


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