Love and Poker

Love and the month of February are synonymous with each other. It is the most romantic month of the year owing to the date – February 14. A day when love is celebrated in its purest form and it is also a tribute to Saint Valentine. The season of love starts on February 7 and ends on February 14, and during this week-long affair every date is designated a special day.

This season let’s experience love the poker way. All you need to do is love and play poker, and here is how you can make it happen. Love is like a game of poker, i.e, if you don’t have the right partner, you relationship will be short-sighted. Similarly, in poker games if your pre-flop is not strong enough, the rest of the game may become uninteresting.

You should always look our for a companion who can love you at your worst and hold you at your weakest. In poker, you should not get confused by your opponent’s poker face, you should try to know his intentions and plan your game moves accordingly.

Sometimes, it is necessary to letting go (in love) when you want to hold it tighter. In poker, you should know when to hold the cards and when to fold the cards. Furthermore, you should stand by your love because you need to hold the love, not the loss. Correspondingly, you should play poker online as “close to the chest” and should invest the chips accordingly.

Seriously, love is rare whether it is for a human being or for a game like poker. Falling in love can be a stroke of good luck but true love develops with time. In the same manner, its easy to learn poker but it takes thousands of hands – good and bad – to master the game. As there are good and bad times in love, similarly in online poker game you win some and you lose some.

One thing you should always remember, the ones who love you will never leave you, even if there are a thousand reasons to wiggle out ,they will still find one reason to hold on. Likewise, you should play poker with style and grace, and erase all other games from your life. This is what creates a long-lasting relationship – wherein you lose your parts and gain parts of him and vice versa. And the same applies to poker- whatever your loss is a gain for your opponent and whatever your opponent loses is a gain for you. So, in the end both of you are the winners and this is know as love.


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