Minissha Lamba’s Take On The Dolly Parton Challenge

The Dolly Parton challenge is taking the netizens by storm these days. This fad is dominating social media and has gauged mass popularity worldwide. Several celebrities are following this trend by posting photo compilations of themselves showing what they would choose to share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

The Internet is a bizarre place.

Well, I consider this up and running trend to be the best opportunity for denoting how a Poker player’s profile looks like on these popular online platforms. Being a poker enthusiast and an avid part of the poker community for the better part of my life, I have realized that traits exhibited by poker players distinguish them from the crowd. Although everyone uses social media differently, there are some common characteristics that most Poker enthusiasts seem to share. What makes their profile stands out is how they showcase different sides of their personality in front of the world through the means of these platforms. Regardless of whatever profession an offline or online Poker player is in, the passion for the game reflects in the backdrop of his/her social media posts.


linkedin logo

This social networking platform caters to all personnel, regardless of the industry they belong to. It helps us connect with like-minded people and exhibit our abilities for self-promotion and find job-related opportunities.

There are multiple traits and skills that a Poker player embodies. He is creative, flexible, and highly disciplined. Instead of talking about the previous or current job role, a Poker player makes his profile about his past achievements and future ambitions. Clear and to the point.

Poker is a strategy-based game that teaches paying attention to detail. A Poker player chooses the most effective words to describe himself and express his future goals in order to gain credibility and trust in the market.

A Poker player is the most appropriate candidate for a high responsibility position in an organization as he is well-versed with the importance of maintaining his calm while making tough decisions in high-pressure situations.

And do I need to mention how damn good a Poker player is with money management?


facebook logo

Needless to say, this is the most popular platform to stay in touch and communicate with your family and friends. The status updates of a Poker player are usually about intellectual subjects. In his posts, he places great emphasis on the importance of learning and practice. Unlike others, he never looks for approval or validation from his peers. YOLO is the common life motto of their lives. Along with Poker playing, he has a ton of other cool hobbies such as rock climbing, biking, surfing, etc that help him keep his adrenaline level elevated.

He usually shares his wisdom and learnings about how to overcome the fear of failure, get an edge over your competition, and achieve your desired goals. So, if you are looking to get some motivation or direction in life, a Poker player is the perfect person for you to send a friend request to.


instagram logo

This is the most ideal platform to showcase your lifestyle. Rather than revealing what they had for breakfast or posing duck-faced selfies, Poker players’ Instagram profile is all about how open they are to new experiences and challenges. They seek adventure and excitement in all aspects of their lives to keep them on their toes. In most pictures, you can find them reading a book, playing online games, or have a pack of cards in sight.

A Poker player is the perfect person to follow on Instagram if you are looking to take a break from your boring day or to find something interesting and meaningful to take inspiration from.


tinder logo

Do I really need to explain this?

A Poker player is the perfect person to go on a date with. He is cool, composed, ready to ‘experiment’, and most importantly – he listens to you patiently as he has had a lot of time to do so while playing poker games. The high level of emotional stability he possesses makes him proficient in keeping a level head in all types of situations. His tinder bio is full of exciting ideas for your date night. So if you are looking to be pleasantly surprised, swipe right. A Poker player is imaginative AF. Believe me -You won’t be disappointed!

A social media profile speaks louder than words in person. Your bio matters seconds as your personality over the internet. A Poker player knows how to present himself as per the situation, time, place, and person to get maximum attention and differentiate himself from the pack. So Dolly Parton Challenge or no challenge, Poker players are adept in maintaining a spiced-up online presence.


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