Multiplayer Gin Rummy Rules

Multiplayer Gin Rummy is a popular game of the Rummy family. Hundreds of ardent players across the globe come online to play the game as they get a chance to win cash prizes. Getting started is simple and instant as no download is required. But to become a winner, it is very important that you should be familiar with the Gin Rummy rules. The rules are simple and easy but necessary to understand to beat your peers.

For a multiplayer Gin Rummy or three-handed play, a player can opt for Cutthroat, Chouette and Battle Royal. In the Cutthroat and Chouette only two players play actively and the third acts passive. But in Battle Royal, all the three players can play actively.

The Cutthroat Gin Rummy rules state that all three players will draw a card from the deck and the player who draws the lowest card will act as passive in the primary round. The second highest card holder acting as the ‘dealer’ plays against the highest cardholder. The loser sits out and the idle player contends the winner. And among the three contenders whoever scores the 100 points at the earliest is declared the winner.

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The Chouette Gin Rummy rules allow all the three players to draw a card from the deck and the player that draws the highest card is declared the “man in the box”. The other two players play as partners and the second highest cardholder becomes the ‘captain’. The captain plays against the highest card holder trying to beat the ‘man in the box’ to retain his position. And if the captain fails, the position is passed to the next player. Gin Rummy continues till the set score is achieved and the achiever becomes the winner.

Battle Royal Gin Rummy rules allow the players to draw ten cards. The player sitting left to the card dealer gets the privilege to draw the initial card and the others follow the same rule till a player knocks the original sets. The exciting game of Gin Rummy continues till one among the three players obtain 200 points and declared winner.

Multiplayer Gin Rummy rules are not hard to apprehend and not easily forgotten.


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