Nikita Luther – The first Indian woman poker player who won the WSOP bracelet


Nikita Luther -Adda52 Team Pro and COO of PSL (Poker Sports League) has created history as she shipped her first World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet with a victory in $1,000 NLH Tag Team Event. No easy task as the final table was filled with several of top highly experienced poker pros from around the world. Luther partnered with German player Giuseppe Pantaleo and final tabled the Event #55 $1,000 NLH Tag Team Event in Las Vegas and went all the way to win it. Other than one bracelet for each, Luther and Pantaleo received the mammoth $175,805 cash prize which will be divided between them.

This is India’s second WSOP bracelet. The first was won by Aditya Sushant and Nipun Java by beating 843 teams in the WSOP Tag Team Event in 2017.

Journey To The Top

Luther participated in WSOP 2018 Event #34: $1000 Double Stack NLH and reached 525th position and won $2,038. She was multi-tabling Event #54: Big Blind Antes $3,000 NLH where she finished 17th for $18,495. Luther teamed up with German pro – Giuseppe Pantaleo for Event#55 $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Tag Team Event which witnessed a record 1032 team participation (2 to 4 players in each team) and generated the massive prize pool of $928,800.

Luther and Pantaleo progressed and entered Day 3 of Event#55 with a decent chip stack of 260,000. The challenge was to defeat the field of 28 remaining teams to take down the tag team title. They reached the final table where the chip leader was Kazuki Ikeuchi- Hiroki Iwata- Sho Mori team but Luther-Pantaleo managed to bust them out at the 2nd position. They played aggressively to put pressure on other teams and the strategy paid off. The teams Manig Loeser-Joelle Parenteau-Daniel Weinand and Alex Rocha-Megan Milburn-Joanne Milburn were busted in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

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The Dramatic Last Hand

In the heads-up battle with Iwata’s team, Pantaleo moved all-in preflop with pocket deuces (2 of Diamond and 2 of Heart) and Iwata called with A and 9 of Diamond. The Flop came with an Ace, but river showed a 2 which made Pantaleo-Luther win the prestigious tag team event title.

“All of her friends were screaming for the deuce of spades and it really came,” Pantaleo said after the win, “I don’t know. The Indian people have a sick vibe.”

Speaking about her partnership with Pantaleo, Luther said, “ “I just randomly hit him up on Twitter, I said we should play the team event, we met once last year, but now we know each other well.”

Final table results:

The total prize pool was distributed among top 155 teams.

  1. Giuseppe Pantaleo-Nikita Luther – $175,805
  2. Kazuki Ikeuchi-Hiroki Iwata-Sho Mori – $108,608
  3. Manig Loeser-Joelle Parenteau-Daniel Weinand – $76,797
  4. Alex Rocha-Megan Milburn-Joanne Milburn – $55,016
  5. Gabriel Neto-Carlos Caputo – $39,936
  6. Adam Lamphere-Ao Chen-Yijie Zhang – $29,380
  7. Salah Levy-Frank Mariani-Cord Garcia – $21,910
  8. Bon Koo-Bienvenido Caballero – $16,565

New Delhi-based Luther is considered as one of the best female poker players of India. She was in college when she was first introduced to poker, which later on became her passion. She is playing professionally from more than two years now and participating in various national and international poker tournaments regularly.

She participated first time in WSOP in 2017 where she finished 71st at $3000 NLHE and won $8,173. The same year in July, she finished 5th in WPT500 Aria and took home cash prize worth $65,000. Before that, she also won HK$3600 + 400 NLH Team Event at Macau Poker Cup 26, Macau. By winning the World Series of Poker bracelet, she added another milestone in her resume. This victory cemented her place as one of the top poker players of the country.

We congratulate Nikita Luther again and hope that her sensational victory will encourage female poker enthusiasts in India to come forward and participate more frequently in online and offline poker cash games and tournaments.


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