No Limit Ring Games vs Fixed Limit Ring Games

Cash games are also known as ring games and are played differently as compared to tournaments. In ring games, the chips represent actual money and a player can buy-in (with chips in hand or fresh money) or cash-out (the chips in hand) at any time in the game.

The foremost difference between Fixed Limit Poker and No Limit Poker is about the rules related to betting. In fixed limit poker, the raise is usually limited to the big blind amount and there is also a cap at the number of raises. Whereas in No Limit poker, a player can bet as huge as his compete stack or as low as the amount of the big blind.

Generally most of the poker games hosted on the television are related to the no limit style of betting. Here the players can risk their entire chips saying “all in”. No limit poker games are in general not much friendly game as a player’s bad move can ruin the entire game.

Fixed Limit Poker vs No Limit Poker can be best described with the help of an example. Suppose the player deals a AA in the fixed limit game,  generally what will happen is that, the other four players in the table will call for the big blind. The player can at most raise to show his aggressiveness but the sum of the raise is unchanged. This does not imply that it will chase the opponents but it actually makes them give more to the game when there are situations of even slightly winning the pot. But in no limit, the player can raise with every chip in the stack and the others opponents can be chased out of the hand. Thus when an opponent calls for a huge raise, they tend to pay more. Though the same poker techniques can be employed in both of the games like protecting a hand, slow play, chasing opponents from the pot and various others but all these methods are more definite in no limit poker.

In short, the fixed limit games are good when the player is very good at the math thereby enabling him to climb to the top slowly. But in no limit, if the player has the right persona and knows the opponent player well, the player can have chance to separate his opponent from the chip stack.


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