Oklahoma Gin Rummy – How to Play & Rules

Although there are a lot of similarities between regular rummy and Oklahoma gin rummy the differences govern the play. The game of Oklahoma gin rummy is easy to learn and we have put together this tutorial to help you learn the basics of the games. Once you have a handle on the “how to” of the game the rules will come next. We do not need an extensive glossary since the terms are the same for each of the rummy variants.

How to Play
You can have up to four players and the card count per player varies by that number. For two players it is 10 cards each and if there are 3-4 players then each will get 7 cards.

The play begins like traditional rummy games. The player to the left of the dealer will draw a card in their attempt to create a meld in their hands (these are either sets or runs). The objective is to be the one with no cards in their hand first, having laid down all of your sets and runs. In the game of Oklahoma gin rummy the players who have cards remaining tally up the point values of the cards in their hands. In online rummy this is done for you by the program. The number of points determines what place you hold for that round.

In each round the game play is basically the same. You will perform one of two actions you can draw and discard. You can draw from the live pile or the discard pile; after you have drawn, you then discard a card to the discard pile.

The game of Oklahoma Gin Rummy will end in either of these fashions:

Knock – if the total of the cards remaining in a players hand is 10 or less and they have discarded their melds they may knock.

Undercut – after a player has knocked the other players get a chance to add to melds to decrease the “deadwood” in their hands. They can only add to the melds of the player that knocked. This can result in what is known as an undercut. The “undercut” happens if one of the players can add to the melds enough so that their deadwood cards total less than the cards that were laid down by the first person who knocked. If this happens the player who started the knock gets a 25 point penalty and the under cutter wins the game.

Gin – if a player manages to create melds from all of his cards and can discard the final card into the knock, then he is said to have ginned. He wins the game and there is no way to undercut this procedure.


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