Omaha Limit Poker Card Game

The only real difference between the Omaha limit games and the other poker games is that there is a limit placed on how much a player is allowed to bet. The rules of Omaha Limit Games are the same as the ones for any other Omaha games. There are forced bets and antes that must be satisfied before the deal and once this is done the dealer starts to the immediate left.  The small blind is generally ½ of the big blind and the ante is usually 10% of the table stakes.

Each player is dealt four hole cards. This means that they are face down. Once the players have had an opportunity to study their hands, they are required to call the blind, raise it or fold. Once a hand is folded the player is out of the run for the remainder of the hand. The dealer then burns a card and places the next 3 cards in the center of the playing area. Now begins the community row. The cards in this row can be used by all players.

The flop has been laid out and now another round of betting takes place. When the dust settles the dealer burns another card and places the next one onto the community row. This is referred to as the “Turn”.  Again everybody bets, raises or folds. Once more a card is burned and the following card is added to the row of community cards. This is the “river” card and this is the last opportunity to bet for all players. When the betting ends the showdown takes place.

The showdown is simply where all remaining players compare their hands. The five card poker hands are made from two of the hole cards and three of the community cards. The player who manages to have the highest ranking poker hand wins.


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