Omaha Poker Card Game

Omaha poker is very popular variant of poker game and you will find some form of it on many online poker sites. The biggest winners in this game are those who know how to capitalize on the mistakes of other players. These are the people who took their time to learn the rules of the game. There are several Omaha poker variations; we are going to concentrate on Omaha High only in this article. This is the game where only the high hands are winners. We will now discuss the basic strategy and how the game is played from start to finish.

Omaha poker is a game with a pot limit (meaning that raises cannot exceed the amount in the current pot); although you can find some games that are No Limit. For a beginner it is highly recommended that you stick to the limit games until you have a bit of experience. The other forms are brutal and will quickly take a toll on your bankroll. This is a game that can become extremely expensive with a fast pace. Now let’s look at some of the basic strategy for the game of Omaha poker.

Generally there are 9-10 players. Each of the players gets four hole cards and then there are three community cards. This is called a “flop” just like in Texas Holdem. Betting takes place after the hole cards are dealt, before the flop. Then after the flop you bet again. Then the dealer turns up one more community card and the betting continues. This is called the “turn” and finally the “River” card is turned up and you get to bet one final time.

Your objective in Omaha poker is to make the best five card poker hand possible from the hole cards and the community cards. The hands are ranked according to standard poker rules and the highest hand will win the pot. The best possible advice we can give you here is to know when to fold the hand. A lot of players get into trouble because they fail to fold after the flop. If you don’t see it clearly by then it is best to get out and wait for the next hand.

When playing the game of Omaha Poker you will find it a much more mathematical game than Texas Holdem. This is a game of skill and the novice should be wary and not bet too large until they are sure of the hand.

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