Omaha Triple Draw Poker Card Game

Omaha Triple Draw Poker is played like regular Omaha but instead of one draw per hand players get to draw 3 times. This gives you a total of 4 betting rounds. You have the pre-flop bet, flop bet, the turn and the river bets. If you are looking to find a game that makes poker a bit more exciting then this is the game for you. A lot of variations have been tried over the years but none have caught on quite like triple draw.

You can make any draw game a triple draw but most often it is the Omaha version that you will find in online casinos. You will see it listed as 2-7 Lowball Poker. The game is best played in a limit format, the pot limit and no limit versions are awful to play. The WSOP and the World Championship of Poker will only use this format for their poker tournaments.

In Omaha Triple Draw Poker you see stronger hands than in other lowball games. In other poker games a pat 9 would be a very strong hand but in this game because you get to draw three times you can build a stronger hand and often what would have been a winning hand in single draw poker will fall short of the mark. The game requires that each player has a large number of cards and it is because of this reason that keeps the number of players small. At most there will be 6 players at a table.

If you want to enter into the pot it is generally a good idea to have strong draw possibilities. A pat 8 or a strong wheel possibility is the ideal to have before jumping into the fray. The ace is a low card so drawing one here is the ideal situation.

You can definitely find more examples of strong hands and playing strategies of this game, if you search more online!


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