Online Poker Tells and Spotting Them

One of the many things which help one in winning the game is the Poker Tells. In simple terms, it is the art of reading the body language of the opponent and guessing on the kind of card he is holding. This can no doubt be quite a difficult thing to do while playing online. However, there are plenty of ways available which can serve us as the Online Poker Tells if one can spot them.

The first and the foremost is the speed of the player. Mostly a ‘quick play’ is usually a sign of weakness while a ‘delayed move’ is a sign of the strength. One can mentally take a note of the moves and try to understand the opponent’s strategy or the process of playing the game. The player should also try not being very much predictable with his speed of playing the moves to his opponent.

‘The Rant’ is one of the other Online Poker Tells. This is a definite way to find out the bad players playing online. Most of these classes of players go till the extent of playing on tilt. The poker tells are, without any hint of hesitation, a big help but one must also have the capacity for spotting the Online Poker Tells. It can also be classified as a talent which saves one from losing the game till an extent. One can also keep a check on the chat box. Usually when a player suddenly gets all quite it is assumed that he has good cards on hand and doesn’t want to wander off his concentration and the vice versa. A player using a lot of abusive language is probably losing his calm, having bad cards in hand. Thus, in online poker, online poker tells and spotting the online poker tells more importantly can come handy to a player.


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