Poker Cheats – the real story

The fundamental basis for cheating in poker involves a strategy that is based on mathematics, which gives one a statistical advantage over one’s opponents. Recent years have seen the steady rise of Poker Cheats. One of the sure-shot and popular cheat to win is by ensuring that one does not deal from the bottom of the deck. While critics say that even this cannot always ensure a full house, it is pertinent to remember that all Poker Cheats essentially work on the basis of probability and they only offer you an advantage over others.

With the arrival of online poker, cracking the powerful software and using Poker Cheats have changed the way the game is played. The program called “Random number generator” is essential for any online poker playing site and is impregnable to hackers. But this program too has its lacunae and can be exploited to change the results. Strong algorithms make the number generator almost impossible to crack.

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Poker Cheats concentrate on manipulating three areas-

  • Automated play, where the program curiously plays a hand without a click from the player, thereby the player is taken out of the loop.
  • Data mining is one of the easiest ways to manipulate the outcome of the play. In this process, the program collects the past playing record and data and uses the information to alter the course of the game.
  • Card prediction is one of the trusted poker cheats but is full of high risk and uncertainty as it involves breaking the original code of the random number generator.

In traditional poker, other methods like miscalling the hand or using a short deck are also very popular. Controlled shuffle also gives you the scope to retain and manipulate the order of your cards. The art of location play can be performed only by experienced poker players. It is a stacking technique, based on remembering the card patterns and tracking them during the shuffle. While using Poker Cheats what it requires is experience and the nerve to use it and importantly, a strong desire to win.


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