Poker Etiquettes: The Mark of A Gentleman

Manners Maketh Man. Be it a social event, a formal gathering or your day to day life, a man of etiquette always thrives. So how can you make sure you’re not breaking any ground rules and are well versed with poker etiquettes? Well, here are a few pointers that might be helpful.

Politeness is Key

It’s basic human nature to like someone polite and respectful. Everyone near you would appreciate you if you’re well-bred.


While playing poker, it is considered extremely rude to not pay attention to what’s happening on the table. It is advised to keep yourself mentally as well as physically present at winning real money.

No Discussions

While seated on a poker table, it is considered illegal to discuss hands or any other topic of interest. Leave the discussions for after you get up from the table.

Slide, Don’t Splash

While betting in your chips, the right way to do it is to stack up the number of chips you want to bet in and slide them to the pot. It breaks the rhythm of the game if the dealer has to rearrange the chips and might give the impression that you need to learn how to play poker games.

Humbleness Towards Dealer & Staff

While in-game or in life, humbleness is a virtue that never goes unrewarded. It costs nothing to offer modesty to anyone and everyone around you, be it the live poker dealer or the staff.

String Bets are a big no-no

Being attentive is one quality that would help you with avoiding string bets. If you’re attentive to the game, you know what bet you’re going to place next. Betting once and then quickly changing your decision to bet more or less or to even fold is called String betting & is considered illegal at a lot of live poker tables & tournaments.

Announce Before you Act

In a game of poker, your opponents might not always have an idea of your move, but you do. So it is always advised to announce what your move is. A chip, no matter how much it’s worth, is always assumed to be a call. So make sure your actions are well known to the opponents and the dealer to avoid in-game confusion.

Anukant Sharma, a strategic thinker and poker aficionado, merges his decade-long gaming expertise with captivating storytelling. His journey is marked by a quest for knowledge and a commitment to crafting compelling narratives that captivate readers.

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