Poker Hand Ranking: Best and the Worst

Poker Game can be confusing if one is not aware of the different rankings in the Game. Understanding these different hands help in playing the game of poker much better.

The first in Poker Hand Ranking is the Royal Flush. This means from a straight ace to a ten where all of the consecutive 5 cards are in the equivalent suit. All of the suits are equally ranked in this. The next is the Straight Flush where any straight must have all of the mentioned cards within the equivalent suit. The third popular rank is the Four of a Kind where there can be any of the 4 cards of equivalent rank. In case there are two players who share the equivalent rank, then the one with the higher fifth card or ‘the kicker’ decides who gets to win the pot.

Then there is Full House where the 3 cards of similar rank are put jointly with two cards of that equivalent rank. For example full Ace of kings is higher than a King full of aces. After that is the Flush that needs to be kept in mind. Here any five cards, not in a consecutive manner, need to be in the equivalent suit. The biggest card amongst them will determine flush rank. The highest possible one is the high flush Ace.

The Straight is another hand in the Poker Hand Ranking guide where any consecutive five cards are present but of varied suits. This can either be high or low. The lowest possible straight is the five high straight. Three of a kind is when any of the three cards are placed in the equivalent rank. Three of a kind aces with Queen and King on the other side is the best of this kind.

Two Pair is another hand rank while playing Texas Hold’em. Here two cards of the equivalent rank are placed together with a different pair of cards of the equivalent rank. The best two pair is the Ace and King pairs. These are the highest pair and help determine two pair rank. One Pair is when two cards are placed of the equivalent rank. Last comes the High Card in which it can be any hand and not the ones mentioned prior to this.

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