Poker Table – Image, Presence and Awareness

Your table image, presence, and awareness are some of the least important factors that help determine your ability to win in poker games. Most of the poker players tend to undervalue the intangible elements of poker, and each of these three areas would fall in this category. Your goal as a poker player should always be as tricky as possible. For instance, if you play tight, then you should let your opponents think that you are a loose player. Similarly, a loose player should give out the impression of tight play. Thus, you should follow your actual playing style in a way that you can mislead others.

In poker, you should not only focus on your game-play but should also on your opponents play as well. As you are trying to throw your opponents off their track, your opponents also want to confuse you and pull you into a mistake to shove off your stack. So, all you need to do is observe your opponents and see how they they play hands to figure out their playing style.

Table Image

Table image refer to what your opponents thinks of you. For instance, if you have played 30 hands with 12 open raises, then your image will be of a loose player at the table. This is how your opponents identify you as a player. But that doesn’t mean you play loose because your game play may change sooner or later. Suppose you are a tight player and have been dealt strong hands back to back and this gives off your image as loose player to the opponents on the table. But in this case if you are winning almost every hand, then players will get to know that you play only strong hands. So, apart from concentration on your game-play, you should also work on your table image as seen by opponents.

Table Presence

Table presence do seem similar to table image but they are different but go hand in hand. It relates to what you can and what you cannot do during the game. Once your table image has been set, you can plan your poker bets accordingly. So, you need to hit back with your table image, and take advantage of your opponents. Suppose if you play almost every hand but with limited capacity, you can multiply your open ranges. That is, you can easily mislead your opponents by getting involved in every pot and making raises and re-raises which in turn increases your chances of winning. Moreover, you should also have a good game plan in hand if anytime you get caught in order to trump up your opponents, Don’t forget table image is worthless without table presence.

Table Awareness

Table awareness is how much of information you have on playing style of your opponents. If you are playing online poker or offline poker, analyzing the playing style of your opponents is one of the biggest challenges faced on the poker table. Apart from observing few of their hands, you should keep in mind their table image and presence. Furthermore, in live poker games, table talks can provide you more information about your opponents. It is better to get every little information about your opponents than no information at all.


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