Poker Terms Every Player Needs To Know- III

Along with the understanding of Poker hand rankings, betting actions, money management, and deception techniques, it is important to know the terms that come up often at the tables.

Here are some of the most frequently used Poker terms and phrases every player must know before joining the real cash tables.


The participants of a particular tournament/table who are involved in the pot.

Filling up

Making a full house. The situation when you get the last card required to complete the full house is called ‘filled up’.  


The term is used for an inexperienced/weak player who takes poor decisions and often loses. 


The second betting round in which the first three face-up community cards are dealt face-up. 

Free card

A term used for the situation when you see the next community card without calling the bet. It is essential to constantly improve your knowledge of the game through learning and practice. Adda52 is one of the few Indian Poker sites that offer an ‘international-standard’ environment to play real money games. Join now!


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