Poker Terms Every Player Needs To Know – IV

To become a successful player, you have to learn certain terms often used at the tables, regardless of whether you are playing free poker, cash games, or tournaments.

Here are some of the most common Poker terms and phrases you, as a player, need to familiarize yourself with-  


The situation when only two players play the game. In a tournament, the game becomes ‘heads-up’ when there are only two players left on the table. 


A hole card that itself doesn’t play any role in forming the hand. When two or more players are holding cards of the same rank, the player with the highest kicker wins.

Limp in

Entering the pot with a call pre-flop, instead of a raise. Limping is considered a sign of weakness as players with strong hands usually raise as a strategy to make others fold.


When a player folds his hand and throws it into the pile of discarded cards to keep it separate from the cards in play. The term is also used when you lose a hand and decide not to show your cards to the opponent.


An aggressive player who plays almost every hand and constantly raises/re-raises to put pressure on the opponents. Your understanding of the game is reflected in the words you choose at the tables. If you are a new player, use the list as a resource to reference while creating your Poker strategy to beat the opponent and win the hand.


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