Poker Tournaments Vs Ring Games

A number of amateur poker players learn the basics from professional poker players and progress smoothly in online poker sites. However, they start losing money once they make the transition to ring games or cash games where different playing styles are needed. This must be kept in mind when a player moves from no-limit poker games to no-limit cash games. There are a number of differences between online poker tournaments and cash games or ring games as they are called.

Structural Differences:
One of the most important differences in Poker Tournaments Vs Ring Games is the structural differences between the two. In poker tournaments, players can buy-in against a specific amount of chips which have no real cash value as such and can only be used in exchange for money only when the game is completed and one player wins with the best hand, whereas in no-limit cash games, the chips represent real cash and can be exchanged for money at any point during the game. Hence in this kind of format the chance of losing money at an alarming rate increases manifold and players cannot prevent another player from re-buying chips and losing more money.

Stylistic Differences:
Another important difference which can be seen in the case of Poker Tournaments Vs Ring Games, involves the style of playing. Players are advised to play in a tight and aggressive style in no-limit online poker ring games but that is sure to lead to disaster in cash or ring games. Since the blinds remain at one unique level in cash games, the strategy of too much bluffing or too aggressive and combative playing is sure to backfire. The best way to play cash games is to bid for time and the best hand or to trap opponents when the situation allows it, rather than call the shots or play aggressive and competitively.

If we consider Poker Tournaments Vs Ring Games, we must also consider the format of the games. While in the former, a player is given a set amount of chips or a fixed range of stack sizes, in the latter one can choose any limit between the minimum and the maximum. This short stack and deep stack become important considerations here. The returns offered in the two cases also vastly differ. In the former, short term gains abound whereas in the latter, long term is the way to go.


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