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Card games have always been a beloved source of fun & entertainment. For many years, a number of card games like Rummy, Poker, Bridge, Hearts, Blackjack etc. have been popular as family games that are usually played on various occasions or family gatherings. The easy-to-learn and play features & ability to improve one’s skills of card games has won heart of thousands of people.

With advancement in technology, these card games are now available online also. Earlier, there was no internet accessibility & hence online games were not taken into account. But today, internet is available to almost every household. Hence, online games are in the scenario. There is a lot of cool stuff that you can do online and online card gaming is one of them.

books on card games

But before getting started to these card games, one needs to understand the rules, strategies of these games as they require calculative mind, sharp memorizing power & ability to make quick but right moves.

Though enough information is available on internet but one can also learn the basic rules, tips & strategies, tricks of various card games by going through various popular books that are purely dedicated to card games and have been written by professional players.

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Some of the popular & helpful books on card games are

  • The Complete Book of Card Games – by Hervey George, George F Hervey and Peter Arnold
  • Card Games for All the Family (Teach Yourself) – by George Frangopulo Hervey
  • Gin Rummy: How to Play and Win – by  Sam Fry
  • Poker: The Real Deal (Hardcover) – by Phil Gordon
  • Play Gin to Win – by Charley Killebrew
  • Hoyle’s Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games – by Walter B. Gibson
  • Official Rules of Card Games – by Albert H. Morehead
  • The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success (Paperback) by – Ian Taylor
  • Scarne on Cards – by John Scarne
  • Cohen’s Complete Book of Gin Rummy – by Leo E. Cohen and Robert Scharff
  • Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide (Paperback) – by Barry Greenstein
  • Culbertson System of Playing Gin Rummy – by Ely Culbertson
  • The Theory of Poker (Paperback) – by David Sklansky
  • Doyle Brunson’s Super System: A Course in Power Poker (Paperback) – by Doyle Brunson
  • Ultimate Book of Card Games – by Scott McNeely

These books will surely help you to get the best knowledge of all the card games that you are interested in!


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