Quick Gaming Strategies To Boost Your Poker Game

Given the current context and the fact that there’s a pandemic raging world-over, visiting a casino is not that great an idea. But for the Poker lovers, here’s some good news. There is a heck of a lot of reputable, online gaming sites that offer you different types of Poker that you can play, safely, from the comfort of your own home. After all, imagine being able to play your online poker tournaments from the comfort of your living room, you would not have to head to an over-crowded, smoke-filled, dank room just to indulge your love of this game, would you? And that’s all the more reason that you need to check out these online gaming strategies since they can help boost your current game.

Strategy 1 : Be aggressive –

One of the issues with most newbies is that they tend to often just play their respective hands, without bothering to do much about it. That’s a rookie mistake for all the obvious reasons. Remember, you are playing real cash games and you need to be aggressive about the hands that you are holding, right now. And at the same time, remember to discard the ones that are not worth playing. Simply put, learn when to fold especially if the hand is not worth playing, and instead focus on your next table/ next hand. Now, no one is asking you just to retain your strong hands – retain the strong and playable hands and play those aggressively. And in the process, you may be able to bluff the others in the game into thinking that you have a great hand.
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Strategy 1: Limping-

When it comes to Poker, it is always a good gaming strategy to avoid limping. Limping, essentially is when you post the least, possible amount to the pot so that you can stay in the game, and you call in the big blind, seated to the left next to you. And usually, this is done before the pre-flop stage. And all that it would result in is in other players limping as well, to join the action. And that would cut your odds of winning the pot. As you can see, starting the game by limping is a no-no; it would make sense to wait for someone else to start it, and then, you can join in, if you think it is warranted.

Strategy 1: Learn how to bluff-

This strategy generally applies to most online card games, whether you are playing online teen Patti or Poker. You need to learn how to bluff effectively in poker, and since other players would not be able to analyze your facial tells and other behavioral mannerisms, you should be able to bluff more effectively than before. One of the tricks of bluffing is in letting your cards decide whether it is worth it to bluff or not. Let’s say you have straight draws, flush draws, and even an overcard or two – then yes, you can bluff as you would have a backup to shore up your position later on. These hands would be more of a semi-bluff as they allow you to be able to build up a strong card combination later on. And remember, bluffing on its own is not a good strategy – you must bluff only when the situation calls for it.

Do not take too long: It’s always easy to spot an amateur or even a rank beginner, by the sheer amount of time that they take, to decide their poker sequence. And this applies especially to online poker. Let’s assume you have a strong hand; logic dictates that you should play the suit immediately and claim the pot. But most beginners often take their own time working out the various combinations before they make their move. And as a result, the other players may fold and that would deplete your winnings. Granted this is based on experience and the way people tend to behave when it comes to poker. But you are here to win the cash, and not to work out the various hands, and the odds of each hand combination. So do not take too much time to play your hand.

Defend the big blind: Let’s assume that you are playing with the big blind; that puts you in an enviable position. Since you would be one of the last ones to play in the pre-flop, that sort of puts you in the position to call others out. And more importantly, it allows you to win the game, by playing your cards strategically.

As a beginner, you must review these quick, gaming strategies. With these, you should be able to boost your own game, to the point that you can land more wins.


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