Strategies to Beat Poker Maniacs at the Poker Table

Apart from being aware of blinds, chips, stacks and stakes, one should also be careful about poker maniacs and poker bully. In a poker tournament strategy, one should not only keep track of his own chips but also of the other players and should be correct in taking decisions of his blinds. During the tight play, you should not be passive but should be aggressive.

However, strategies cannot be followed so easily when there are poker maniacs and poker bully invading the table and the game. There are different kinds of poker maniacs among which the mostly known are the predictable, the fickle, self-seeker and the pro maniacs. The predictable ones are the least dangerous making their moves very evident and obvious. The fickle ones may or may not be harmful because their moves cannot be read as their thinking designs are not fixed. The self-seeker is an opportunity seeker making moves only when opportunity permits. The pro or the professional ones are the most dangerous because they are the ones who are expert, aggressive and tight players.

Dealing with the predictable, fickle and self-seeker players is not too difficult as a careful studying is enough to understand how they think and make their moves. In the case of pro poker maniacs, the thing that can save you is not letting these players be too active with weaker hands. Also constant watch on them might help you to neutralize or fight these poker maniacs’ expertise.

Poker bully as the name suggests is the one who play rough games mostly to frighten other players. They are very conspicuous in poker games because they have the tendency of altering games all of a sudden by their sudden raises and bets. One way to counter-attack a poker bully is not by raising but to keep low and allowing him to maintain his raises and bets as he wishes. Once you start making your call, the poker bully will automatically become the one who gets bullied. However, in a poker tournament strategy, it’s quite wise if you are the poker bully from the very beginning before anyone begins to bully you.


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