Things To Consider Before You Try To Bluff Your Opponents

Bluffing is a powerful strategy that is used to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Along with the basic rules of how to play Poker, it is important to learn how to apply deception techniques against your opponents to outsmart them.

A ‘bluff’ is a bet/raise that is made with the intention of making the opponent fold his hand which, in all possibilities, is better than your in-hand cards. The success of a bluff completely depends on the player’s ability to get information about the strength of the opponent’s hand and potential moves by keeping a close eye on his betting pattern, tendencies, and changes in his behavior.  Reading your opponent’s intentions is important to get into his mindset.  For example- If your opponent starts making aggressive bet/raises to put pressure on you, it is an indication that either he is holding a strong hand or he is bluffing. In this situation, your ability to spot ‘tells’ helps you greatly in deciding whether you should get involved in the pot or fold your hand.

Bluffing way too much can be harmful to the health of your bankroll. Poker is a game of wits. You don’t just play your cards. You play the situation on the table. The better you know your opponent, the better gameplan you can make to beat him in the game. You need to find out what type of player he is (Calling station, Rock, TAG, LAG), how often he folds, which type of hands he usually plays, etc before deciding to execute a bluff against him. If you want to come out as a winner at the end of the hand, you have to pay attention to the happenings on the table before deciding to bluff. If you bluff every time you get cards in your hand, you soon become predictable for your opponents who can call your bluff down easily. This way, you become ‘readable’ for everyone on the table and destroy your table image with your own hands.

If you are a new player, it is recommended to play only as per your hand strength till the time you acquire the required level of knowledge and experience. As a beginner, your objective should only be to earn the ability to identify the target to bluff against. The more you play, the better you become in finding the ‘fish’ and discovering ways to exploit his weaknesses.

Your position on the game table also determines your ability to extract maximum information from your opponents. Late position is considered the best position to try a bluff.

Another thing to pay attention to is determining how your opponents see you as a player? Do they perceive you as a loose player who likes to call every bet to see the flop? Or a tight player who joins the game only with the strongest hand? You can put their perception about you to good use and improve the chances of your bluff being successful by experimenting with your gameplay.  It is equally important to read your opponent’s table image to figure out how susceptible he is to your bluff.

Other factors that you must consider are your opponent’s current chip stack, size of his bets/raises, and betting history of the hand. Playing on freeroll tables is the best way to practice your bluffing skills before switching to play real money games. Adda52 host practice games around the clock which you can join with freeroll chips.

 You need to be extra cautious when you run a bluff against a newbie. The likelihood of the failure of your bluff is high against amateurs as they tend to get involved in the pot in every other hand. They bet, call, and raise every bet regardless of their hand strength. Therefore, it is important to make a move after proper assessment of your opponent’s level of skills and experience.

Even in our daily life, deception plays an important role. To become a successful poker online  player, it is crucial to learn how to use the technique to your advantage. It is true that you cannot get the strongest starting hand every time you play. That is why it is needed to learn how to implement bluffing in your game to manipulate the thought process of other players on the table and make them act in your desired way.

Poker offers players unlimited opportunities to win mind-blowing prizes with their critical thinking, patience, and decision-making skills. It rewards those players wholeheartedly who apply their understanding of mathematics and human psychology to read their opponent’s mind and the ever-changing situation on the table and make decisions accordingly.

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Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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