Top 10 TV Shows Based On Poker

Does the world of poker intrigue you? If yes, then you are directed to the right page. The following TV Shows are a must watch for anyone who is attracted to the zeal and feel of poker-

  • Intercontinental Poker Championship: The famously infamous tale of Tony G & Ralph Perry, battling against each other at the Intercontinental Poker Championship. It lasted just for one season & gained a lot of controversies.
  • World Poker Tour: The World Poker Tour created a revolution in the world of Poker revolutionising poker strategy & how the game is played. It has been on for more than 15 years now.
  • Late Night Poker: Amidst the success of the World Poker Tour & the World Series of Poker, Late Night poker emerged in Europe and became the UK’s No.1 Poker show for a while.
  • Poker After Dark: It was probably the most successful poker show of its time. Poker After Dark was brought to a halt after Balck Friday hit the market in 2011. Although the show reignited in 2017 & has been airing since.
  • Poker Superstars: Three successful seasons from 2004-2006 saw Poker Superstars. The first season of the show had a whopping $400,000 buy-in, which was massive for its time.
  • European Poker Tour: The show debuted in 2004 & became Europe’s elite poker competition/Tv Show. Pokerstars sponsored the show & took sole ownership of it in 2011. They plan to make it the biggest poker tournament in the world.
  • Celebrity Poker Showdown: As the name suggests, in Celebrity Poker showdown, six celebrities face-off against each other to further compete in the finals. The show gained decent popularity & got some big names to join them.
  • Sam’s Game: Not very well known, but the show was developed by Sam Simon, co-developer of The Simpsons. This was a short-lived celebrity TV show for Playboy TV. It also intrigued people towards online poker.
  • World Series of Poker: The WSOP is the biggest TV Poker show in the world. For a while, it was the only televised Poker show in the world. It is broadcasted on channels like CBS, ESPN & Discovery.
  • High Stakes Poker: High Stakes Poker is the highest rated Poker show among Poker professionals. The show had 7 seasons & was known to be extremely informative & entertaining. The show also secured an IMDB rating of 9.

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