Top 7 Online Teen patti Variations

If you translate Teen Patti literally, it means “Three Cards.” It is currently one of the most played and well-known card games. Also known as Flush, 3 Patti is a 52-card deck game popular in India. The cards are ranked from ace (high) to two (low).

This card game has been around for years, and numerous significant Teen Patti Apps were released in 2013, becoming one of the primary rivals to gaming behemoths like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. The game has amassed almost 3.2 million users since its release and is now among the top 5 highest-grossing titles available in the Google Play Store. The popularity of cash games such as teen patti, online poker, rummy and various others have been greatly boosted by the growth of mobile gaming.

The game’s popularity has grown so quickly that players of all types like it, and it is played with full vigour and passion at anything from social gatherings to festivals such as Diwali. Let’s go deeper into the game’s specifics. Read on to learn more.

How Can I Play Online Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a straightforward card game with a limited set of rules. The minimal wager is put into the pot to start the game. One of the players will win this pot, which is a gathering of money in the middle of the table. The dealer distributes the cards one at a time until each player has received three cards. The finest three-card hand is then the subject of a wager by the participants. Before making a bet, all players have the choice of either playing “seen” by looking at their three-card hand or playing blind, i.e., by leaving their cards face down on the table.

Read ahead to understand a thorough how-to tutorial below.

Not all Teen Patti games are available online to be played for real money. You can play certain Teen Patti games for free without spending any money at all, if you’d like. You have a choice!

Another reason why this game has gained massive popularity among the masses is that it has numerous variations that don’t let a player get bored.

The best Teen Patti variations to play at cat parties

As we’ve talked about, online Teen Patti gives players a lot of exciting and fun variations to play. The most well-known Teen Patti variations are listed below for your exploration and discovery. Here’s a list-


In the Muflis version of the popular card game Lowball, which is sometimes called Muflis, the hands are ranked from worst to best. The strongest hand (the trio) becomes the lowest hand, and the highest hand becomes the weakest hand. Therefore, at Muflis, the side with the worst hand wins. If it seems that two players have the same hand, the person with the lowest card wins.


This Teen Patti variant’s name is inspired by the recognizable AK47 weapon. The A, K, 4, and 7 cards in this money earning game serve as jokers or wild cards of all suits. Players who possess one of these cards may substitute it for a missing number or suit. The other guidelines are the same as in the online version of the regular Teen Patti game.


Players in this Teen Patti variation must get as close to the number 9-9-9 as they can. In this variation, 9-9-9 is in fact the best hand, and the person who comes the closest to it prevails. K, Q, J, and 10 are all zeros in 999, and the value of the corresponding number card is inscribed on them. An A card has a value of 1 in this version.

Most near 555

The Closest to 555 game follows the same rules as Closest to 999. Each player receives three cards from the dealer in this variant of Teen Patti, and they also have the opportunity to trade one card from the pack. Just one card may be traded per round. In this game, the value of the number cards is equal to their face value. Nevertheless, the face cards (A, K, Q, and J) have no value. If the hand score is more or less than 555, the player with the closest score wins the game.

4x Boot

The regular Teen Patti game is comparable to the 4X Boot game. The difference in this case is that the boot amount will be four times what it would normally be. Whether you are a novice or new player, you should be aware that the boot value is the minimal number of chips you must place in the pot in order to play. The rest of the game continues as usual.


Players are each dealt six cards in this variation of Teen Patti. The participants must divide their cards into three separate hands. Three cards make up the first hand; two cards make up the second hand; and one card makes up the third hand. The card can be set up however the players see fit.

After the deal, the game starts with a wager on the first hand. The second-hand round of the subsequent round starts once the first-hand winner has been determined. The third hand is played in the game’s last round (one card). To be crowned the game’s victor, players must prevail in two or three of the rounds.

Pack Jack

Each player receives three joker cards (wild cards) and places them face up on the table in this variant of teen patti. As a player folds or packs in the game, the three existing joker cards are replaced with their cards, creating three new jokers.

There are numerous other variations that are played on a regular basis in many households, among friends, and online.

So, you can explore the world of unlimited action online at various online portals.

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