Top Mistakes You Must Avoid Making At Poker Tables

Online Poker in India is getting extremely popular these days. Poker indeed is one of the simplest card games online but to achieve long-term success, it is necessary to constantly work on improving your techniques and strategy. Your excitement, nervousness, or impatience can cost you lots of chips or even your complete game. On many instances, we have seen experienced players doing silly mistakes just because of diverted attention or lack of strategic gameplay.

Here are some of the most common Poker mistakes to avoid in order to improve your chances to win the game.

Reluctance in folding

The most common mistake Poker players making is delaying in folding cards in the early stages of the game. Start evaluating all possibilities of creating the best 5-card combination as soon as you get the hole cards in your hand. Folding is the best option if the pod odds are not in your favor. It does not mean to play restless or be impatient. Take your own time to analyze the probabilities and then make your move accordingly.

Lack of observation

Always pay attention to your opponent’s gameplay. Keep a close eye on his facial expressions or change in body language during the betting rounds. When you play online, you can do your analysis by observing his playing style and betting pattern. By observing his behavior, you can predict how much he is interested in playing the hand and how he is going to make his next move.

Lack of Practice

Another common mistake Poker players do is start playing on cash tables without adequate knowledge and experience. You are playing with real stakes so it’s mandatory to earn necessary skills and expertise to save maximum points. To understand the techniques and “ know-hows ” , you can play free poker games with practice chips online. Playing on your own is a great way to get valuable insights into the game and experience of the competitive environment of a Poker table in real-time.

Undervalue Position

Your position (where you sit in relation to the dealer and other players) on the table is one of the most important aspects of the game. The decision to play a hand must always be based on your position in a hand. When you play out of position, you have to make your move before most of your fellow players who can predict the strength of your hand and create a game-plan accordingly. So, it is crucial to play tight only with strong hands from early position. But many players unintentionally ignore this critical aspect of the game and play with any type of starting hands without paying attention to the sitting arrangement. Late position is considered the most preferred position to play as you can take a calculated decision on the basis of your observation of your opponents’ actions.

Start keeping track of the hands you played to find out the strong and weak spots in your game. Many highly skilled pros fall short of success due to the mistakes they made due to their ignorance and misconceptions. If you really want to make it big in the world of Poker, make sure to employ critical thinking, planning, patience, and discipline in your game. In a nutshell, constant assessment of your gameplay is essential to avoid making irrational decisions that can lead you to losses.


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