Turkish Rummy Card Game

This is a popular rummy game (also know as Okey) played with tiles instead of cards. The tiles resemble those used in another popular game called Dominoes. Though instead of dots, here you have numbers. Nobody can guess when the game began because there is not on ounce of definitive evidence as to who initially designed the game.

What is known is that the game is played throughout Turkey and is just as popular as Poker. This is a game of skill and cunning intentions and the tiles make it even more interesting. The tiles can be held in the hand or stacked on the table. This is not an issue however in online Okey. The thing to remember is the tiles are divided into suits much like a deck of playing cards.

In addition to the 106 tiles, there will be false Joker tiles. Familiarizing yourself with the tiles and their functions is the key to having fun with this game. There are certain rules that are game specific; these are the ones to memorize before trying to give it a go.

Winning this one is not so simple, to win you must have 7 pairs, i.e. fourteen tiles. The pairs must have the same value and color. The game is played with up to four players and the play begins with a role of the dice. Once the die has been cast the joker card is flipped and also a card from the deck, the joker is then valued at one point higher than the flipped card. The play goes counterclockwise.

Points are also a bit unique; these are awarded based on how the winner had declared. If he won with a joker card or 7 pairs then the other players lose 4 points. If neither of these is the case the losers only get docked 2 points.

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