Turn the Poker Odds Playing KK and QQ

While playing Hold’em, you will need ample amounts of patience, courage and presence of mind to win the game against competent players. First of all, you will need to know how to turn the poker odds in your favor. Luck plays a big hand in this, as it will determine which cards you get. The rest all is up to your skills and know-how of the game.

The three strongest poker hands are AA, KK and QQ. While AA is obviously the best pre-flop that one can hope for, playing KK and QQ is harder and needs more skill and intelligence. You will have to gauge the situation of the game perfectly and time your moves well; otherwise you will end up playing KK and QQ too early or too late and miss capitalizing on their strength against other hands. One must also remember that QQ is also vulnerable against a hand like AK, which, according to poker odds, has a higher chance of turning up.

Playing KK and QQ needs two different strategies. Most players who have AA or KK would be happy to get all their chips in any situation, knowing the strength of their hand. It is trickier if you have a QQ, because you would not want to fold too early because you have a strong hand, yet you cannot be sure that you will not encounter aces or kings at the flop. You could try re-raising pre-flop to try and guess where you stand, and then go for a large raise or re-raise. If there is a lot of action going on in the game, you should consider letting the hand go, and folding preflop. Playing with caution is the important approach here, and you should always consider the number of chips you have at your disposal before deciding on your next course of action.


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