Women Vs Men on a Poker Table

Poker is generally known to be a misogynic game, but with the craze to play poker online, it has become a game for all genders. Also, many women love to play online due to the feature to hide their identity from a security point of view. This game has snapped the attention of female players with increasing popularity every day. It is no longer a male-dominated game, as the female participation is constantly raising the bar. 30% of the total population of 60 Million poker players are women as per the recent statistics. But there’s always a difference between their game tactics. Here are the basic differences between the gameplay of a man & a woman and how to tackle them on a poker table.

Women Key Points Men
Detail Oriented!

Women are more detail-oriented, they tend to read about everything in detail and act accordingly.

The Difference and The Concept Practical!

Men are considered to be practical where they cut short their detailed analysis time. They just act practically without studying the thoughts and details.

1) Vanessa Selbst (USA)—$11.85 million

2) Kathy Liebert (USA)—$6.17 million

3) Annie Duke (USA)—$4.27 million

Top Players 1) Justin Bonomo – $44 million+

2) Daniel Negreanu – $39.8 million

3) Erik Seidel – $34.78 million

Non-Risk Takers!

Women believe in going safe in most areas of life and so as in poker too. Hence, they tend to check more, raise less and avoid playing many hands.

Risk-Taking Ability Risk Takers!

Men believe in taking risks. Hence, they do not hesitate to play many hands from any position. Being adventurous with the game is their fun part.

 Defensive Play

Play Passive and tight

Playing Styles  Competitive play

Aggressive betting

Investment cum Enjoyment!

Men are focussed on playing for entertainment and invest the winnings to win more.

Winnings Save More!

Females are good at saving hence they play with the motive to save and invest.

Sexism has been noticed by many female players while playing Poker. But with so many examples of topmost female poker players, it is concluded that, If you win often, understand the game well, have good knowledge of texas Holdem poker rules and follow the proper table etiquettes, you will automatically earn the respect from poker community no matter what the gender is.


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