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Online Multiplayer Games

The experience of playing our favorite games with our buddies cannot be described in words. A multiplayer online game allows players to pit their skills against others without stepping out of their homes.

Some of the most popular multiplayer games are –

  • Card games
  • Ludo
  • Monopoly
  • Uno
  • Scrabble

Card games, especially Poker, is considered one of the perfect games to invest your precious time, effort, and money. You can play multiplayer games on PC, smartphones, laptops, tablets, easily. All you need to access the games online is an active internet connection. 

Poker Vs Other Multiplayer Games

Poker is all about strategies and decision-making. The best part is – it is quite easy to learn as compared to its counterparts. What separates Poker from its competitors is the opportunity it offers to test your mental abilities as well as to make good profits. With minimal buy-in, you can join the tables to compete against other players. It is a great way to showcase your talent and sharpen your understanding of probability and human behavior. It is considered worldwide as one of the best multiplayer games for Android and iOS devices.

Why Play Poker on Adda52?

Here are some of the top reasons why Adda52 is the perfect platform to play online Poker-

  • Adda52 is free to join. Once your account on the site is created, you can join the game tables anytime you want.
  • The games are available 24x7 on the platform.
  • You can win cash prizes, bonuses, tour packages, electronic gadgets by playing the game with real money. Along with that, you can avail exclusive bonuses, loyalty program rewards, tickets to live Poker events, and much more.
  • Freeroll games are also available for new players to hone their skills and knowledge before joining the real money tables.
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods on the website are simple, easy, and transparent. To purchase virtual chips, any popular payment method such as credit/debit card, online wallets, net banking, etc can be used. Once the transaction is complete, your wallet on the site is automatically updated with chips. You can use these chips to play at Ring game, Sit-&-Go, or Multi-table tournament tables. To get your prize money in your bank account, you can select the mode of redemption (cheque or online transfer) and put the withdrawal request easily.
  • You can join the tables without downloading the game. You can play through the web browser in a completely hassle-free way. Adda52 App is also available that you can download directly from the website.
  • The platform also offers the flick-navigation feature that allows players to play on multiple tables at the same time.
  • You can create your own private Poker table where you can invite your friends to play with you.

Poker games bring people together. Many players play online multiplayer games to connect with other like-minded people. Without being physically present, you can interact with your fellow players in the chat-box on the table. You can also create private Poker tables to play with your family members, friends, or workmates.

Play this fun and highly entertaining online multiplayer game to satisfy your cravings for unlimited thrill and action. JOIN NOW!


Poker Dictionary

The poker dictionary is your reference for poker jargon and the language of poker.

Testimonials From Our Players

poker player testimonial

I am a late entrant into poker world and at 43 years of age, double the age of a lot of players on the tourney circuit. I am a Private Equity Fund Manager and poker is a passion for me!! I have now been playing for over 4 years now - both cash and tournament games. My background in investing made me adapt to the game fast. The approach of studying the game through books, courses (Nick Petrangelo, raiseyouredge) online videos and bit of coaching from Prabhat Mukherjea.. all played a part in preparing me for this. This win is a testimony that poker is not gambling and hard work pays off.

I am extremely happy at winning the ATOC ME. it is apt that my first big tournament win comes on adda52 where I started my poker journey about 4 years back.

piyush goenka

poker player testimonial

Adda52 is a very good platform to play tourney high value tourneys and best RNG is here make life Profitable means best hand always best hand here no bad beats.

Umesh Singh

poker player testimonial

Amazing adda52 app with genuinity. As you win you can transfer amount instantly and will be credited to your account within 24hrs. No cheating. I recommended this app to my friends also and they play game on adda52 whenever they get free time.

george varghese

poker player testimonial

I never thought poker as gambling it’s a skilled game and you need to practice it a lot before you call yourself a expert. Thanks to Adda52-Poker for creating such platform grey stuff.

raghav bhatia

poker player testimonial

This is one of the best sites i have played on love the interface and software very smooth with fast withdrawals hands down to it.

Brandin Francis

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