13 Cards Rummy Versus 21 Cards Rummy

Card games excite every one, and Rummy tops the list in the category of card games. Rummy is undoubtedly the most popular card game. It is a challenging game having both fun and thrill element. Though great skills are required in Rummy, yet one should not forget the part played by luck. Rummy is interesting in all its variants – basic, traditional or straight- online or offline. Playing online rummy brings opportunities to interact with different people from different walks of life having different styles and skills.

Online rummy can be played with two or more players where each player is dealt equal number of cards (either 13 or 21 cards) and the deal moves clockwise around the table. Once the cards are dealt, players can sort their cards. Each player begins his/ her turn by drawing a single card either from the stock pile or from the ‘discard pile’ and has to discard a card that he/she finds of no use. Moreover, the time quotient for taking these decisions is also very important.

Cards can be arranged according to approved combinations in the designated meld area on the table just before the player. There are two kinds of melds- sequence (three or more cards of the same suit) or set (three or more cards of the same rank but different suits). A sequence can be pure or impure. A pure sequence is one which does not have joker whereas the impure sequence include either paper joker or cut joker. In case of 21 cards rummy, value cards can be used as a wildcard.

One who succeeds in making valid combinations first, declares and earns points. This ends the game. Beginners can start with 13 cards rummy and then graduate to 21 cards and feel the joy of transition from one level to another.

Features of 13-Cards Rummy

  •  It can have 2 to 6 players with 2 or 3 decks.
  • 13 cards are dealt
  • All players are supposed to make two sequences – of which one has to be pure, and the remaining cards can be arranged into valid sets or sequences.
  • Initial drop attracts penalty of 20 points and middle drop of 40 points
  •  Two cards of the same suit are not allowed.
  • It involves no other special cards except the paper joker and the cut joker.

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Features of 21-Cards Rummy-

  •  It is played with 3 decks
  •  21 cards are dealt.
  • Each player has to make three pure sequences of three or more cards and arrange remaining cards into valid sets or sequences.
  • Initial drop attracts penalty of 30 points, and no value of value-cards is honored; and middle drop of 75 points with all the values of the value cards fully honored.
  • Three cards of the same suit & same rank become TRINALA. this trinala is also considered as a pure sequence.
  • There are jokers, cut joker, cards that rank before or after the cut joker-namely titlu, paplu, and nichlu. These three make a marriage hand and also can be used as pure sequence and carry 100 points. All these can be used as jokers to make impure sequences and carry special values, thus called value cards and are highlighted. Value cards not only help to make sets and sequences, but also snatch points from your opponents whether you declare or not.

Given the simplicity of 13 cards rummy game, it can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, whereas 21 cards rummy involves much more concentration and skills. Enjoy both and try your luck skillfully.

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