8 Crucial Tips to Win in Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs)

Well, the Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) are some of the most profitable games for poker players. But many players especially the novice ones don’t know how to go for a win in such tournaments. In fact, there are several things to be kept in mind while playing MTTs, but the patience is above all else. Below are the 10 most crucial tips especially for players getting started with their online poker career:

1.Play Tight in Early Stages

In the early stages of a multi-table tournament, it is always important to play wisely and tightly. You can leave it the other players to battle it out while reading their playing styles for a few minutes. But yes, if you get some great starting hands that could win you the hand, you should not remain inactive. So while you observe others and conserve your chips, go ahead with hands that can win you big pots.

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2.Open Up in Middle Stages

In the middle rounds of a MTT, change your game a bit. This is a stage where tournament players who have been playing tight should open up especially when they are in the late positions. If antes come into play, you should open up even more, as there is more money to be won at this stage. Make sure you raise it with pocket pairs, higher suited connectors and other premium hands. Some players tighten their game when nearing bubble stage, don’t be one of these players going out without money.

3.Observe the Stacks Sizes

The first thing you should observe after being moved to a new table in MTTs is assessing each player’s stack in relation to your own stack. As you come to a new table, identify big stacks, medium stacks and short stacks. If you are a big stack, try to put pressure on those with smaller stacks to stack up in the game. Make short stacks play for all their chips while risking smaller portion of your chips. When you are a medium stack, your strategy should be to become a big stack by leveraging on short stacks. Sometimes you may be a short stack at the table. If you are, try avoid confronting with big stacks. Play only premium hands that could win you a big and avoid poor hands that cause you losing your chips.

4.Go After Weak Players

It is always a great idea to hunt down players who are not good enough. In MTTs, your decision often depends on the ability of your opponent. If you think that a player is strong enough, play straight up against him and don’t try the advanced tactics to outplay him. However, if you feel that a player is weak enough, go after him and play more hands to get his chips. This will help you to stack up nicely.

5.Avoid Going After Big Stacks

It is always to be kept in mind that the tournament players with huge chip stacks are always willing to take more chances since they lots of chips to play and exploit other players at the table, so you really need to avoid confronting with such players unless you have something big to beat them in a hand.

6.Steal Pre-Flop in Later Stages

In the final stages of a MTT, the blinds go up in relation to each player’s stack and you are no longer looking to play post flop, rather you are often looking to steal chips pre-flop. Obviously at these stages, there will be fewer hands seeing flop and a lot more of them will be all-in confrontations. So you need to be aggressive when you have high cards in the final stages, but be careful with suited connectors.

7.Take Player Notes for Future

Paying attention to opponents and taking notes is always important. Not only it will help to know playing styles of your opponents, but it will also keep you focused in the tournaments. The notes taken by you will also prove handy some time in the future when you confront with the same players.

8.Always Play to Win the Tourney

Wining a tournament should always be your end goal if you want to be a successful poker player. Make sure you finish in top three spots, instead of being happy just to make it ‘ in the money’. Try to build stacks and take calculated risks to take down big pots. Obviously, it comes with experience and the more you play and the better you will get at your game, but it is not something you cannot achieve.


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