Early Position: Texas Hold’em Starting Hands

When you play Texas Hold’em out of position (the seat immediate left to the big blind), you have to make your move without any information about your opponents’ hand strength. As you are first to bet, it is advisable to play only with premium hands. Along with Poker rankings, bet sizing, and pot odds, it is also important to learn which starting hands should be played from which position.

Best Hands To Play From Early Position-

High Pairs

  • A –Also known as American Airlines, Bullets, and Pocket Rockets.
  • K – AKA Cowboys and King Kong. It can be beaten by pocket Aces.
  • Q – Also known as Ladies and Cowgirls. It can be defeated by Aces and Kings.

Middle Pairs

  • J – Known as Fishhooks or Hooks. It can be defeated by Aces, Kings, and Queens.
  • 10-10 – Known as Dimes.


  • K – Also known as Big Slick and Anna Kournikova. A strong drawing hand that needs to be improved at the flop round.
  • Q – Also known as Rocket Queen and Anthony Cleopatra. Play with caution if there is a King on the board.
  • Q – Also known as marriage and Royal Couple.
  • J – Also called Ajax.

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