European Poker Tour

From Copenhagen to Barcelona, London to Loutraki, European Poker session is creating waves, as it brings another session of its tournament. If you listen to the theme music of European Poker League (EPT) by Simon Darlow you will get the feel of the spirit that goes into the whole idea of this Poker tournament that is held across Europe. As the most popular Poker tour across the world there is no end to excitement and expectations that are aroused worldwide by the European Poker Tour. Right from the beginning in 2004, EPT has hogged the limelight only to come up with the more exciting sessions of the Poker Tournament.

Several of the sessions of this tournament have been broadcasted on the television. However, the last season 7 witnessed the creation of a different record altogether. With his experience of almost two decades the President has left no stone unturned to ensure that this tournament makes it big this year. There are many people who have been enticed into Poker due to the reward money that has brought in close to around 686 players. Russia, Europe and Canada get to witness this tournament thoroughly through televisions and if you want it otherwise you can always participate.

After the seventh season and a prize money worth of 15$ million the EPT has ensured that the number of people interested in this game keeps increasing every year. The ‘Festivals of Poker’ brought in by the European Poker Tour seeks to span large across the pan-European continent in order to gain more success. After Copenhagen and Prague there are some new things that one cannot afford to miss. If you have been following the Poker Game closely you will know how Madrid is standing tall as a new entrant. Places like Champiogne or Loutraki have finally made it to the list and brings into fore quite a few new places.

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