How to Play Ace-King in Texas Holdem?

Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular variant of poker. This poker variant is played in most of the poker tournaments. Every poker professional who plays Texas Hold’em has trained themselves with starting hands of the game. Of all the highest starting hands, Ace-King is among the best starting hands. Many times, while playing poker you will be dealt Ace-King as hole cards. Playing Ace King is not easy as there are specific ways to play this hand. Following are some tips to follow when playing Ace King:

  • The hand is worth playing as it dominates the typical hands such as AQ or AJ.
  • You should raise pre-flop when holding Ace-King. However, you should call if your opponent makes a big raise from early position.
  • When the flop falls on the board, review your cards and analyze the game play. Never presume that you are holding the best cards.
  • Observing and studying your opponents will help you guesstimate the situation. For instance, you are holding Ace-King and have raised pre-flop. Your opponent called you during pre-flop and the flop dealt was 9-8-2. There is a possibility that your opponent has a good hand, but with such a flop both of you can miss the chance of winning the hand unless your opponent hit the pocket pair with 9s,8s or 2s.
  • In case you hit the flop, you should bet on turn and river until you are re-raised by any of the opponents or the board hits a straight or flush.
  • An Ace-King hand is perfect for loose games because in tight games players do not chase draws and play hands that can beat top pair. And, if you are holding bigger chip stack, then a pre-flop re-raise can help you control the pot and also help identify the opponents holding pocket aces or pocket kings.

Ace-King is among the best high cards, so you should play it smartly as this hand can win you a lot of pots.


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