How to Play Tripoley Rummy

The game of Tripoley is played with one deck of cards without the use of jokers or wild cards. The game also requires a board that is divided into segments. Chips are bought or divided up and each player puts his chips on a spot on the segmented board.

The cards are dealt. There will always be a hand dealt that no one will play and all the cards will be dealt out. The extra hand sits on the spot on the board that says “Kitty”. The dealer can exchange his/her hand with the kitty after viewing it.

The game consists of 3 live rounds. The first round is the hearts round.  The money cards in this round are all hearts; the more of these cards you have, the better for you. The board is where the game is played. There is a separate section for the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. There is also a segment for the 8-9-10 and for the King and queen. This means that whoever has the cards corresponding to those segments gets the money. After the heart round is the poker round. And each player has to create a five card poker hand from the ones he/she has in  hand. Betting ensues and the winner gets the entire pot. If there is a tie then the pot is divided.

Finally there is the rummy round. This is where the person who won the last round is required to lay down one card. The next player plays a card from that suit and so on, until someone cannot make a play. This is bound to be the case since there is a hand in the kitty. This goes on until one player is devoid of cards and this player is declared the winner.

This rummy game that has no time limit and it can be ended by mutual agreement of the players involved.


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