How to win in Texas Hold’em Poker Cash Game ?

The popularity of poker is growing at an astronomical rate in India. Poker fanatics love to play this incredibly entertaining card game online (on smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc) and offline (at live poker rooms). Among all variants, the most popular one is Texas Hold’em which not only entertains players to the core but also provides them with the opportunity to improve their bank balance. You can play Texas Hold’em cash games poker for real money and make awe-inspiring profits using your game knowledge and expertise.


We have witnessed countless instances where a lack of critical thinking, preparation, and patience caused the players to lose their precious chips. Every player wants to make it big in the world of poker, but most of them don’t quite know how to get there.

First of all, there is no scope of guess-based gameplay.

There are huge misconceptions about the role of luck in the game. The truth is, Texas Hold’em is a game of strategies and wits. When real money is at stake, a player must be extremely focused and careful at the time of making bets to reduce the uncertainty factor and improve the probability of winning the pot.

Here are few tips you can implement to improve your possibilities of making good online money in a Texas Hold’em poker cash game –

Read your opponents 

 NEVER make a move without properly analyzing your opponents’ playing style (the way he bets). By keeping a close eye on their gameplay, you can read their tendencies and find their weaknesses. Some players are intimidating, some are “nit” (who never take risks), some are “maniacs” (who play every hand without considering their hand strength), etc. You can predict their actions, call their bluffs, and prevent yourself from losing big pots.

Act according to the situation 

As monetary risks are involved in a cash game, it is important to know when to fold your cards and leave the table. Folding your cards is the best option when odds are not in your favour.

Remember that folding is not an act of cowardice.

Bluffing is playing with the opponent’s psychology to make him leave the game. This is a psychological strategy that works against a certain type of players in certain situations and its success is based on several factors i.e. your position and image on the table, table stakes, and expertise of your opponents.


Regardless of you are playing online or offline, being a successful Texas Hold’em player requires consistently improving the gameplay with training and practice. Play regularly and spend as much time as possible to maintain your edge in the game. Keep records of your mistakes and weaknesses to analyse the reasons and eliminate them completely to not to repeat them in the future.

Manage your Bankroll wisely

Managing bankroll is a skill. Your bankroll (money that is dedicated to poker play only) must be based on the buy-in, your expertise, and type of games you play (tournament or cash games). Choose only the poker cash game that you are best at and which suits your bankroll. It helps you to survive at the time of downswings and focus on your game.    

Think mathematically

It is important to understand probability concepts to calculate all possible card-combinations of yours, your opponent’s, as well as on the board. Mathematical calculations help you to take better rational decisions by determining the odds and predict the outcome of the game. You can deduce the strength of cards your opponent is holding, his future moves, and your possibilities of winning the game by calculating“outs” (cards you need to improve your hand) and pot odds.


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