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In case you’ve decided to become a better poker player, then you’re not alone. Real money games like 3 Patti (तीन पत्ती)or poker has been around for decades and it’s still played by billions of people across the globe. Trying to become good at playing poker is one of the many objectives that most players strive to obtain. Poker isn’t just about winning money but it’s also a kind of lifestyle for some. Once you become good at your game, the overall gameplay will become much more interesting.

Nowadays, you can play your favourite poker hands either live or online. When playing poker online, you don’t have to care much about your body behaviour because you can’t see your opponents and your opponents can’t see you. However, if you’re playing poker live, you need to control your body movements, to ensure that you don’t give out any poker tells to your opponents. Hence, we have formulated three pieces of advice that you must undertake before you start playing poker or Teen Patti .

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Critical Things To Learn Before Playing Poker

  1. Learn To Relax Your Face & Body

If you’re just starting to play rummy or poker and want to become better at the game, then you have to ensure that you keep your body & face relaxed throughout the game session. This is because – when your body becomes relaxed – especially when playing poker, you’ll not give away any poker tells.

For instance, if you’re not satisfied with your poker hands and you become frustrated, your opponents can easily read such emotion from your body language & facial expressions. As a result, your opponents will take advantage of your scenario and your winning possibility will decrease. However, if you learn to keep your body & facial muscles calm & composed, then you’ll not reveal your inner feelings to your opponents.

Learning to control your emotions in-game takes time, practice and hard work. Hence, you need to practise the same at your home and then proceed to try out the same in-game. Furthermore, keeping yourself relaxed and calm also will help you to undertake better decisions amidst any chaotic gameplay sessions. In high stakes poker, even the smallest mistakes can cost you the game. So, you need to be on your A-game every time.


    1. Utilise Sunglasses To Hide Your Eye Movements

If you’re facing a difficult time keeping your eyes still when playing a hand, then it would a good idea to wear sunglasses. While such a suggestion might sound ridiculous & funny, since you’ll be playing poker mostly indoors, it’s a great suggestion nevertheless. Sunglasses can hide your eye movements effectively and thereby prevent your opponents from gathering essential information about your poker hands.

It should be known that eye movement is one of the challenging things in our body to control. This is because their movement is ingrained in our body’s reflex system and thereby the eyes will always look towards the direction where your thoughts are directed towards. As a result, you can end up giving away a lot of information about your poker hands as well as your in-game strategies without even realising the same.

Hence, don’t be shy to wear sunglasses if you struggle to control your eye movements. Most poker rooms allow wearing it and doing so will not void the rules. You might get some weird comments from your opponents, but don’t think about it too much. Instead, focus on your game.

Since your primary goal is to make as much money from playing poker as possible, you should be ready to perform the necessary steps required to reach that objective (as long as the action you perform isn’t against the rules). Once you get better at your game and thereby gain more experience, you’ll not need to wear sunglasses anymore.

  1. Watch Professional Poker Tournaments

There’s no better way to get good at playing poker than learning from the best players out there. That’s why it makes sense to watch professional poker tournaments and try to deduce more from the gameplay. For instance, you can learn to understand the body language of professional poker players and then proceed to try the same in your gameplay sessions.

Every professional player will have one or more poker tells and if you’re able to identify those tells, then you’ll make the game simpler for you to play. You have to carefully observe the players, detect any recurring patterns in their gameplay style and then proceed to note down the same, so that the next time an opponent makes a similar move, you’ll be able to catch him/her in no time.

Learn to keep a handy notebook beside you when watching poker tournaments, so that you can jot down the essential tips, tricks, suggestions and strategies used by the professional players. Once done, remember to go through this notebook the next time you play poker because it will help in enhancing your game. The process of learning in poker doesn’t end and you have to continue it until the day you stop playing altogether.


When playing online money earning games like poker against the best players, even revealing the smallest poker tells can make a difference and turn the tide of the game against you. Hence, you must strive to be the best you can be and thereby minimise the amount of poker tells that you reveal to your opponents – doesn’t matter if the poker tell is little or significant. Over time, you’ll start enjoying the fruits of your labour when playing money games like poker.

Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma, a passionate poker enthusiast turned writer with over 5 years of gaming experience. Fusing her love for the game with a knack for diverse content, she explores various subjects beyond gaming. Eager to learn and share, her journey revolves around continual growth and engaging audiences with insightful narratives.

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