Nuts Poker League

In UK you will find that the Nuts Poker League was the first of its kind. It was the trend setter for a number of other Pub Poker Leagues. The league is legal and it provides great game play at a number of pubs around the area that allows the players an opportunity to go on to even bigger venues. There are a national quarter finals and a finals. There are two others of this ilk; they are the Champions Poker League and Heartland Poker Tour.

The Nuts Poker League directors are well trained and they are the ones who run the games at the various pubs. They make sure that every member gets an opportunity to play at the night. They are also the final authority in any disputes and just in case a player becomes belligerent. There are four seasons of game play for the Nuts Poker League. These are scattered throughout the year and each season is three months in length. The dates of the seasons may vary and only those games that are held within the time frame are counted as the league play.

The Nuts Poker League still is popular as one of the most popular bar poker leagues in the United Kingdom. It also has an official website with all of the rules of the league and the signup forms. Once a player has signed up he can go to any venue before a game is scheduled and can get assigned a table to play for him. When arriving at the venue, the player must report to the director giving him his signup information. The director will then verify the information and assign the player a membership number. The membership number will be needed to enable the player to join games at different Pubs. This number is very important as each time a player is in the tournament he is awarded a point. These points are recorded to the membership number.

It is very easy to become a member of the Nuts Poker League; all you have to do is the proper search and then signup at their site!


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