Playing High Card Flops in Texas Hold’em

One of the fundamental tricks behind winning a game of Texas Hold’em is to make sure that you know exactly when to play your hand. Making high card flops is the trickiest of the lot, as you can easily make the mistake of holding on to the cards for a longer duration than what is profitable.

The safest way to begin is to play your high card flops as quickly as possible. In Texas Holdem, it is very important to know all possible combinations of the cards and their relative values. Without this, you will never be able to bet the right hand against your opponents or call off their bluffs. One useful trick is to bet your high cards after a worthless flop, if, and only if, the entire flop is made up of low cards that are unrelated and are low or medium in value. This is because flops of 6, 7 and 8 can easily become a straight and overcome your high card pair. So it is best to proceed with caution in this case.

On the other hand, if you have a high card pair, you are holding one of the strongest poker hands in the game. So you can force the others to play the game at your own terms. In the case of an aggressive high card flop, you should ideally fold your high pair. The basic rule to remember here is that the flop determines the value of your hand, and not vice versa. Playing strong hands will help you to obtain more raises as compared to previous betting positions. Do not make the mistake of playing many hands simultaneously, as this kind of approach usually ends in losing the game. The best way to improve is to keep playing the game regularly and gather more information and poker tips from various articles as you go along.


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