Texas Holdem Blind Man’s Bluff

Texas Holdem Blind Man’s Bluff originates from the children’s game of tag. Sometimes you will here it referred to as Indian Poker. In the game of tag a card is dealt to each person and they have to stick it to their forehead. Everyone else could see all the other players’ cards but not their own. This is why it is referred to as blind man’s bluff; you bid on each card not knowing if it is higher than the ones you can see.  In the grown up version of the game the hole cards are not seen by the player and he has to raise them to his forehead and let everyone else know what they are.

How to play Blind Man’s Bluff Texas Holdem Poker

Basic math and a good memory are essential for success in this game. Once the hole cards are dealt and shown, betting begins. Having something to hold the cards to your forehead is also a good idea so that your hands are free for betting. As the game progresses this is where the basic math is essential. You can surmise what you might have by what you see the others have and what is played in the community card arena.

Initial betting takes place after the hole cards. Then the flop is dealt and bidding resumes, still using the standards of bid, check, raise, call or fold. The Turn is then dealt and another round of betting ensues. Finally the River card is dealt, everyone bets or folds out. Whoever is left at this point participates in the Showdown. Again the best five cards win.

Blind Man’s Bluff Texas Holdem Poker Rules

The rules of the game are the same as any Texas Holdem variation. With only a few minor changes in the way the hands are ranked. It is played with the standard number of community cards. The hard and fast rule for this game is that at no time are the players allowed to look at their own hole cards. This is a fast paced game that is as exciting to play as the original childhood version. The game can be played either limit or no limit. There are also antes and blinds as in any other Texas Holdem Poker Game.   

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