Texas Holdem Church Poker Card Game

Church Poker and Iron Cross Poker are actually the same game. As with most things, sometimes the names are regional. This is an extremely interesting game; since the cards are laid out like a cross it is easy to see how it got both of its names. Another thing that makes the game play even more interesting is that each player gets 4 hole cards or pocket cards. And there are only five community cards and they are all placed at one time and in the shape of a cross, one in the middle and three on either side.

How to Play Church Poker
The dealer gives each player, the four hole cards after the ante has been placed. Betting takes place as usual. After the betting, the first community card is turned such that it is face up. Each card is turned in the same manner, one at a time, with betting after each one. After all the cards are revealed the game truly gets interesting.

In most games the middle card is declared as a wild card. This means that it can be used for any other card value. The addition of a wild card makes it an exciting game and gives it more possibilities of making a hand. Antes are small and are generally only 10% of the betting limit. There are no blinds in this game and it is generally played with a pot limit. Although you may find a few no-limit games.

As long as there are more than one player remaining there must be a showdown. This is the big reveal and whoever has the highest poker hand at this time wins the pot. Hands are formed by using two of the cards in your hand and any line of three community cards from the table.

Rules of Texas Holdem Church Poker
If preferred, Church poker should be played with less betting rounds. Some of these poker games only use a four round betting structure. This is accomplished by one round of betting after the ante, and then the sides are revealed simultaneously and more betting takes place. The top and bottom cards are revealed together and more betting leads to the reveal of the middle card. Then, final bets are placed which leads to the showdown.


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