Texas Holdem Napalm Card Game

No one is quite certain but a general consensus says that the game is originated in the Northeastern sector of the USA. It is played with fervor on campuses like those of Brandeis University in Massachusetts. It also has become quite popular in Maryland-Virginia. The game calls for a lot of blustering and bluffing and the amount of money passing across the table can become very large, very fast. The game is played not only for the pot but also for tokens. The winner is the person with the most tokens. Having the most cash doesn’t make you the winner in this game.

How To Play Napalm Texas Holdem Poker
Each player antes up one chip, then two cards are dealt to a player. These are the hole cards. The players look at their cards and give a yes or no answer. This is to say whether they think they have the best two cards at the table. If all the players have said no and the dealer says yes then each player gets a chance to change their call. If the dealer says no then nobody gets a second chance. There are 3 possibilities when the declarations are done. If only one has said yes, he gets a token. If two or more said yes they have to settle the matter privately by showing each other their hands and whoever wins collects a side bet equal to the amount of the existing pot. If there is a tie between the players, no bet is paid unless there is another player who has said yes and has a lower hand. He pays both the players an amount equal to the existing pot. If no players have said yes, no amount is paid & the play proceeds. This ends stage one.

Three additional cards are now dealt. Now they go through the declaration process again but this time it is to assert that they believe they have the lowest five card hand, a straight starting with the 2 is the lowest. The tokens and side bets work as we stated before. The lowest hand wins.

Finally the dealer passes out two more cards. This makes the total amount of cards in the hand seven. Now the players have to make the highest possible five card poker hand. They still do declaration round. The tokens and pots are handled as in the previous two stages. The showdown takes place and whoever has the highest cards wins the pot.

Napalm Texas Holdem Poker rules
There are a few prerequisites to this Texas Holdem Poker Game. It can be played with 4-7 players with a regular deck of 52 cards. The usual poker hand rankings are observed, but the ace is only allowed to be used as a high card. You will need, in addition to the regular money chips, a set of different chips, which are to be used as game tokens. This is a game with two goals. The first is to win the big pot and the other is to win five tokens before anyone else does.

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