Texas Hold’em Player’s Styles

There are many ways of playing Texas Hold’em poker. These are called the Texas Hold’em Playing Styles. Luck is a big factor in poker games and one’s style can only take one so far. However, strategy and intelligence are important qualities, which is where the player’s style becomes important in Texas Hold’em. Players, especially amateurs, are recommended a tight and combative style of play. In other words, a player is recommended to play fewer hands as opposed to playing “loose”, which implies playing a number of hands. Aggressive or combative playing implies that the player leads the fray by making decisions about betting and fixing the ceiling on betting. Hence the aim should be to play tight and aggressive and to maximize the pot when you have a good hand that you can utilize to win a lot of money.

Another way of playing Texas Hold’em is to bluff by playing loose-passive. This means that the player initially loses a lot of money by betting a number of hands and allowing the limit on betting to be decided by other players. However very experienced poker players can turn this situation to their advantage by incorporating an element of shock in it, and turning the game at the last moment. They are also called the “calling stations” and it is advisable that inexperienced players should not opt for this style of playing poker as this may lead to the loss of money.

Loose-aggressive players are called maniacs in Texas Hold’em player terminology, as they keep raising the pot all the time. If one wishes to be a maniac, then it is advised that they should do it with play money as opposed to real money. There are other Playing Styles in Texas Hold’em including the tight-passive style where players play very few hands without deciding on the pot limit. They are also called the weak or tight-weak poker players. This is a more rare kind of playing style and not recommended for most users. The last kind of playing style in Texas Hold’em is of course the style of players who are called the “rocks”. These players play minimum hands.

Importance of the Player’s Style:

Knowing what kind of strategy is to be followed by a player, or what kind of style he is going to adopt makes for a lively contest. It also helps players decide on their own strategies and plan of action.


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