Texas Holdem Poker: Challenging or Easy

For any poker amateur, texas holdem is the best game to learn the basics of poker. It is far easier to learn and calculate the odds in Texas Hold’em rather than in other poker games. It needs only a few minutes of explanation and practice before one is comfortable to play texas holdem poker. Online poker games allow users to play with fake money in order to better their performance before moving on to the real deal. Since there are a number of key factors to be considered in Texas Hold’em poker, as in other poker games, care should be taken to understand wheeling, dealing, shuffling and other such integral aspects of Texas Holdem Poker.

How to Play the Game?
The first step in playing a conventional Texas Hold’em game is posting, where depending on the limit and betting ceiling imposed, the players determine the blinds and antes of the game. The dealer shuffles a standard card deck of 52 cards and each player is given two cards which are kept face down and are called the pocket cards or hold cards. The round of betting which follows this is called the preflop round and the top card of the deck, called the burn card, is removed by the dealer to ensure that there is no cheating. Each player is then given three cards from the deck which is called the flop round. So in addition to the pocket cards, each player receives an additional three cards. Another round of betting on the Poker probability follows, which is succeeded by the flipping of another card on the table called the turn.

Challenging or Easy?
Subsequently another round of betting is followed where more often than not, the amount of money being bet is doubled. This is followed by the last flipping of a communal card, which is called the river. So each player can use their two pocket cards and the five communal cards on the table to play a poker hand. This leads up to the final round of betting on the Texas Hold’em, which is followed by the climax of the game called the showdown. Each player shows their cards and they can use their five card poker hand to determine who has the best hand. That person is declared the winner based on poker probability. Though theoretically easy, Texas Hold’em poker is difficult to master. The practical aspects of the game require time, patience and constant practice.


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