World Poker Tour

If not on the map, World Poker Tour put the game of poker, in prime time. Poker was a game that most people associated with dives and the less than desirable elements of the world. It was perceived as being played in smoke filled basements in the seedy underbelly of any city of USA; yet the WPT has shown the world that this is game of skill, luck and strategy and that it is not boring to be a spectator or a participant.

Steven Lipscomb’s brain child has brought terms like Omaha Hi-Lo and Texas Holdem into the living rooms of millions. What started out as a succession of poker tournaments played around the world has become a television and internet sensation!

Getting into the tournament is not as hard as you might think. Its so easy. Unlike some exclusionary leagues if you can afford the buy-in, or are lucky enough to win a seat courtesy of the satellite tourneys, then you can get the opportunity to play against some of the finest players in the world.

The seasons are long and they play in several countries before the end the season with the main event. In the main event you play for position, the longer you last the better are the odds, that you will at least recoup the buy-in. The best place to be is at the final table that is where the big money is. If you make it that far you are guaranteed to take home a few hundred thousand.

The World Poker Tour website has a list of the scheduled events for 2012, go online & check them. Maybe you can enter the one in near future!


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