Adda52 Player Shares His Success Story After Winning PGOL POY

Vishal Surana alias wishcool has emerged as the PGOL ‘Player of the Year’ Season 3, and won the grand prize of INR 1 lakh. A year-long poker tournament, Poker Guru Online League ran in four quarters on, India’s largest poker site. PGOL 2014 featured bigger guarantees and larger prize pools in comparison to previous years. After successful completion of 3 quarters, PGOL Q-IV has reached its climax disclosing the mega yearly leader-board in which Vishal Surana topped the list. With this awesome victory in hand, Adda52 had a conversation with Vishal.

Hi Vishal. Thanks for talking to Adda52 and many congratulations on winning ‘Player of the Year’ title. How do you feel right now – exciting, intimidating, terrifying?

Vishal – I feel really excited. After PGOL- QIII, I ranked at number 5 on the yearly leaderboard. My experience, hardwork and passion to win the tourney helped me to reach the top of leaderboard.

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Before we go ahead, please tell our readers about your poker experience.

Vishal – It was 5 years back when I started playing Zynga Poker on Facebook. It was the only platform available online to play poker. Besides this, I also used to play poker in real cash at casinos in Goa. I have been playing on Adda52 since its inception. I just love to play on this site.

Does your family favor poker?

Vishal – My family doesn’t favor poker. I have tried explaining to them that poker is a skill game that requires calculation and logical reasoning but still they consider it as gambling. However, in recent past with my tournament winnings they have started changing their viewpoint for poker as a card game.

Other than poker, what card games do you like to play?

Vishal – I personally like to play poker and specially its two variants – No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha Pot Limit.

Describe your poker experience with our new and existing players?

Vishal – I would like to tell the users of Adda52 that it is a great website to play poker. Adda52 offers user-friendly interface, and the site has constantly improved over the period of time. Now the site features various new features like Auto Re-buy and Mucking Behind which were currently not available.

In PGOL 2014, you have been a consistent performer. What would you suggest the new players jumping in to play poker for the first time?

Vishal – To be a strong poker player, one big quality that you need to be active at is patience. Patience is most important if you are playing tournaments. That is, if you lose patience very often you cannot make it big in the tournament. Apart from this, a poker player should not play all hands and should wait for the right hand to come his way. He should also have understanding of his opponents on the table like the way they play and bet.

What did you find good about poker game lobby of Adda52?

Vishal – The poker game lobby is well-organized. The lobby is well-structured with different categories for Free, Real Cash and Tourneys. Further, buy-in amount and the blind structure are mentioned for every game so you can choose accordingly. I personally like the recently launched Adda52 mobile optimized gaming platform in which you can play real cash games anytime anywhere from your mobile. Now while I am not at home, I can still play poker on Adda52.

Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve game playing experience or online game lobby?

Ans – Presently, a user cannot play tournaments in Adda52 mobile optimized gaming platform. I usually play tournaments, so, I would advice Adda52 to integrate tourneys in their mobile platform.

What is your next poker milestone?

Vishal – I am taking part in Indian Poker Championship (IPC), India’s biggest poker tournament to be held in Goa in January 2015.

Poker as a card game has gained tremendous popularity in India. What differences do you see in the new generation of players who are contending to be poker professionals now that the game has exploded?

Vishal – Poker is not just a mere game of luck. It requires certain skills like mathematical calculations, psychology in terms of reading or observing other players on table. Poker in India has come out as more professional in approach, though the game is slowly catching up the pace. I even ask my friends now to play Poker instead of Teen Patti.

What type of game have you been playing – online vs. live and tourney vs. cash?

Vishal – I love to play online poker as offline channels cannot beat the comfort and convenience of playing poker online anytime anywhere whether it is at home or while traveling to office. Being a BPO employee, I hardly get time to play poker on live tables. I prefer playing poker tourneys rather than cash games as tourneys helps you enhance your skill set and poker experience better. I have been playing Poker Millionaire Tour on Adda52 and hope to win atleast one event of this tournament.

Have you ever played poker at Asia-Pacific level?

Vishal – I have never played poker at Asia-Pacific level but do dream to be a part of World Series of Poker (WSOP).

What are your future plans?

Vishal – My first goal is to get more disciplined, adaptable and trained in playing poker as a professional. I also need to build a solid bankroll and then shift to Bangalore as it provides numerous options for playing poker tournaments. I do have plans to take up poker as a full-time career in future.


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