Classification of Poker Players

Today, let’s talk about the different types of players in poker, and how they fit into the poker circuit.


  • Commonly known as recreational players or depositing players
  • A player who is yet to make his place in the poker world.
  • He/she will hop around from site to site and game to game to find a perfect poker room, both in terms of where they play and what they play.
  • They represent 10% of brick & mortar poker players and 25% of an online poker site’s players.


  • A casual player who plays poker intermittently.
  • He/she is acquainted with the basics of the game and possesses a decent grasp over game strategy.
  • They play within their limits, especially low or mid-stakes games.
  • They represent 50% of the players in a brick & mortar poker room, and 8-10% of online players.


  • A regular player who plays – low or middle stakes – poker games consistently.
  • Poker enthusiasts or struggling players who want to become poker pros.
  • They religiously devote their time to playing poker and are more skilled than hobbyists.
  • They represent 25-33% of the players in a brick & mortar poker room, and 25-50% of online poker players.


  • The least desirable of all players, grinders are settlers on steroids.
  • They are the winning players who pursue poker as a full-time career.
  • These players study the game; follow poker rules, use software and training aids to improve their game.
  • They represent 5% of the people in a brick & mortar poker room, and 30% of all online poker players (depending on rewards and the poker format being played).

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