Difference Between Professional & Recreational Poker Players

The only card game that has managed to prove its stance as a ‘game of skill’ and is worldwide recognized as a ‘mental sport’ is poker. The arrival of online poker casinos and rooms added cherry on the cake and contributed to this skyrocketing popularity! Modern gamers stepped into this wave and appreciated poker as a game of mental sport. Online poker games give a chance to play online money earning games to the millennials and earn massive winnings every day.

Identifying The Type of Player – A Winning Poker Skill?

These reasons are enough to prove how this traditional yet thrilling card game went through a digital makeover, swept over the gaming industry, and become the best cash game online in this competitive landscape. Earning massive cash prizes in real-time and implementing strategies to outstand other players to get the adrenaline rush is something that you receive from poker. To be a winning player, one key skill in which you should be proficient in – identifying the best, average, and novice poker players at the table! Spotting the sharks and fishes in the game and taking actions accordingly is required to win big in poker!

To do the same, you should first understand that there are two types of poker players – professional poker players and recreational poker players! Professional poker players are those who play poker for a living and are way too professional about the game! Recreational poker players usually play poker in their past time and treat it as a source of entertainment. If you are playing against a recreational player, there are chances that you can bag tempting winnings against them as it is easier to trick them!

In this article, we will shed some light on the differences between a professional player and a recreational player difference so that you don’t have a tough time spotting them and add more value to your decisions at the table!

Key Traits of Professional Poker Players

Professional poker players are very passionate about the game and play it for a living. You can say that poker is a significant part of their income. Due to this reason they are critical about their poker skills and constantly grind themselves on the poker tables to upgrade their skills and strive ahead of the competition. They are proficient in the number of skills that are needed to win in pokers such as – mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, reasoning skills, strategic skills, observation skills, and much more.

  • They strike the right balance between playing poker and studying poker. Apart from grinding themselves on poker tables for hours, they also invest time in studying about the game, watching video poker tutorials, and reading online articles and player interviews.
  • They exercise bankroll management, never chase their losses, and know how to manage their expenses to not run out of money.
  • They possess a good understanding of the various games aspects, and always follow a steady game plan.
  • They never overestimate their skill and play at different stakes to ensure consistency in their winnings.

These players accept that success in poker is ensured by long-term consistency! This is because their names manage to shine in the poker world again and again. Because of their consistency, passion, and control over emotions, they make a successful career in poker, full time or part-time, and outstand their competitors and spits them out with a quickness.

Key Traits of Recreational Poker Players

Recreational poker players play poker for entertainment purposes and are not as passionate about the game as professional poker players are.

  • They mostly play poker for fun and relaxation and aren’t concerned with the outcomes. They play short poker sessions too less frequently.
  • They are unable to deal with emotions when facing tilt-induced sessions. These players are more likely to get affected because of losses to game down switches.
  • They are more likely to chase their losses and end up ruining their overall bankroll. Their emotions overpower them in tilt-induced sessions and stay strong-headed to think logically.

Because their main objective of playing is to have some, you will see them playing poker with a glass of drink, taking more risks, and aggressively chasing their losses.

Professional Players & Recreational Players On Poker Tables

  • Professional poker players can do multi-tabling – which means that they are capable of playing on multiple online poker tables. Some players play on 2-3 tables at the same time, some can go up to 8 games at a time. The number of tables varies from player to player. On the other hand, recreational players usually stick to one table or maximum play on two tablets at the same time.
  • Professional poker players will never chase their losses because they have to take care of their bankroll! On the other hand, some recreational players will satisfy themselves by chasing their losses and making huge bets (which doesn’t make sense) and depleting their bankroll without even realizing it.
  • When playing against professional players, it is difficult to get any information or any sort of hint regarding the strength of their hands and strategies. Recreational players are likely to drop information about their hands.
  • Professional poker players not only spend maximum time on poker tables but also invest their time in studying the game. They leave no stone unturned to gather maximum knowledge and deliver their “A performance” in online earn money games.

Right from reading the best poker books to enrolling themselves in numerous training programs, most of their time is dedicated to poker. Recreational players have a casual attitude towards learning the game. Because they play poker games for fun, they will not put much effort into learning and increasing their knowledge.

  • Professional players are streamlined and follow a poker schedule. They are disciplined individuals and pay proper attention to their games. They know how much time they should invest in poker, which variant to try, which game format to learn more, etc. Recreational players do not follow a poker schedule!

As per their preferences – sometimes you will find them on poker tables or sometimes they will just switch to other games like rummy, teen-Patti, online puzzles, and much more. Only sticking to poker games is not their mantra!

Because of the tremendous popularity of this game, recreational players are taking it seriously. Many of them are joining online poker schools and polishing their skills to join the bandwagon of professional players.

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Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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