How Much Money Professional Poker Players Make?

Whenever we plan to make something our profession, the first thing that comes to our mind is how much money one can make in it? So if you want to be a professional poker player, one thought that must have come across your mind is – how much money professional poker players make? You must have heard the unbelievable story of various professional poker players playing poker games and earning millions of dollars and having great lifestyles. But it is important to check how realistic these stories are. Every day, hundreds of players grind themselves on poker tables in the hope of earning millions of dollars, but many of them exhaust themselves in the journey only.

“You can say that there are players who do pretty well in poker and then there come players who don’t. Beyond those unpredictable poker faces, there are numerous ups and downs that you have to face to make your name in poker.”

Professional poker players are aware of the fact – “it’s a hard way to make an easy living.” So before you choose this path, there are some important considerations that you need to take care of. And of course, the most important one is – how much money professional poker players make.

The adrenaline rush that players experience after earning money encourages players to play professionally. There are so many professional Indian poker players who have earned a good reputation in the industry and are living luxurious lives. Many have even left their highly-secured jobs to pursue a career in poker. Some of the renowned Indian poker players are Kunal Patni, Aditya Aggarwal, Muskaan Sethi, Simrit Tiwana, and many more.

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How much money poker players make?

All of us want to know how much money poker players make! There is no definite answer to this question. Good poker players can earn up to 2-3 lakhs by playing online poker games a month. If playing higher stakes and possessing exceptional poker skills, the amount increases. Your poker earnings are dependent on how good you are with bankroll management and your gaming skills. Good poker skills require grinding yourself on poker tables and experimenting with different strategies.

Texas hold’em poker is known as a strategic game that allows you to win big and also enhances your personality by sharpening an array of real-life skills such as observation skills, prediction making skills, decision making, and much more. Summing up, poker might give you better money-making opportunities as compared to your regular 9-to-5 job.

How can I be a professional poker player? 

What is the best possible way to start poker professionally? 

How to get started with poker?

These are some common questions that bother almost all beginners or other potential players who want to swim like a shark in the poker waters.

How to get started?

The more you play games, the better you will be able to master your skills. No matter if you play cash games or take part in leaderboards or tourneys, you just need to be consistent with your approach.

If you are worried about playing with real money at the initial stages, you can play on free tables or partake in freeroll tournaments. Free poker tables are the best way to brush up your skills and shoot clean in cash poker games. Participating in tournaments with affordable buy-ins is an effective way to polish your poker skills and get the hang of playing in a competitive environment with like-minded individuals.

Hitting the free tables is practically the best way to get started as there is no additional pressure of taking care of your physical tells. You are free to direct all your focus in devising relevant strategies and work on your winning skills. If you are serious about generating a decent stream of income playing poker online multiplayer games, then you should be consistent in your learnings and stay patient throughout your journey.

Avoid the Temptations of Winning

Falling into winning temptation is quite natural when playing cash games like poker. Therefore, one should have self-control and patience when playing poker. Even when you play other online games such as online free fire games, rummy, Ludo game or chess game, you should be wary of your skills and limits. Learn about risk assessment to decide when to keep playing and when to take a backstab and quit the game.

Don’t Force Yourself

It’s never recommended to keep playing when you don’t feel like playing. Listen to your instincts when you are mentally ready to play. Make sure you are playing in the right state of mind so that you can analyze your mistakes and better understand the different perspectives of different players.

Take out time to study the strategies for the cash games and tournaments. Don’t rush to learn everything in one go. Ace one format/variant first and proceed effortlessly. Pick one format and do your level best to ace that.

Analyse Odds

Get your mathematics right in poker or you will lose the plot. Learn to be good with numbers and analyze facts to be on the right path. Learn to calculate pot odds, your table position, poker hand rankings, observe frequencies and your rival patterns throughout the match to make calculated decisions.

Set reasonable goals for yourself. Keep interacting with fellow poker players to gain the necessary information about poker. Initiate meaningful conversations in online poker forums to broaden your knowledge. Keep learning advanced strategies to earn a good amount of money in poker and become an ace professional player.

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