How To Get Into Your Opponent’s Mind At Online Tables

Before switching to play online, it is important for an offline Poker player to know that the environment of an online poker room is quite different from a live room. Other than the physical surroundings and the number of hands you see in an hour, another major aspect of the game that you may find pole apart from a live Poker table is – the way to evaluate opponents and spot tells.

As you cannot see your opponent face-to-face, you can find yourself struggling to recognize the ‘tells’ that can give you valuable information about his future moves. In order to find the hints and ‘clues’ at online tables, you need to keep track of his actions. The tightness or aggressiveness in their play, betting style, an inclination towards a certain action, and reactions to opponents’ bets tell a lot about his hand strength if you pay full attention to minute details.

Any significant change in the behavior can be a “tell”. For example- In a late-night tournament, if your opponent, who always appears focused, suddenly starts taking too much time making his moves, you can assume that he is sleepy or inattentive. As he is not devoting his complete attention at the tables, you can consider it the best time to pull off a bluff.

Your understanding of human psychology helps you a lot in collecting information about your opponents. By keeping a close eye on his style of play (the type of hands he plays from a certain position, the hands he plays aggressively with, the hands he often folds, etc), you can get insights about his habits and ultimately come to a conclusion about how to plan your moves against him. You can also create notes about your online opponent’s characteristics as well as the result of the hands that you played against him to take references when you face him at the table the next time.

No matter how experienced your opponent is, he is not ‘indestructible’. There are certain actions that every player repeats in a given situation, consciously or unconsciously. All you need to do is identify those tendencies to find ways to beat your opponent in the game. Also, never ever let your opponent have an idea about what you know about him. If he becomes aware of your ‘detective’ nature, he can change his playing style and betting pattern anytime to influence your decisions and make you act in his desired way.

It is important to know how to mask your intentions to stay unreadable for your opponents. Your impulsive decisions can help your opponent in discovering your gameplan and exploit you with his tactics. Never let your emotions take charge of your game. It is recommended to mix up your strategies and playing techniques in order to prevent yourself from creating any patterns.

Regardless of whether you play Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha, or Crazy Pineapple, the more carefully you watch the board, the more information you can collect about your opponent. Join the tables to hone your observation and analytical skills and earn mind-blowing rewards NOW.

Nikita Sharma
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